Two New Superformance Loads from Hornady

375 Ruger 250gr GMX

In 2014, Hornady will make two new loads in the company’s Superformance line of ammunition.  One load will be for the .375 H&H, while the second will be for the .375 Ruger.

The .375 H&H load will use a 375 grain GMX bullet, which is the company’s all copper bullet that uses a polymer tip in the hollowpoint.  The muzzle velocity is listed as 2890 fps, and the energy measures 4636 ft-lbs.  MSRP is $90.44 for a box of 20 rounds.

A 250 grain GMX bullet is used in the new .375 Ruger load.  Hornady puts muzzle velocity at 2900 fps and energy at 4668 at the muzzle.  The suggested retail is $86.81/box.

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  • gunslinger

    at <$100 for a box of 20 they are pratically giving them away!

  • Loki7154

    I think those numbers have to be off (on the Hornady website) for the H&H. 375 grains moving at 2890fps gets you 6000+ ft-lbs. Meanwhile, 250gr (same projectile as used in the 375 Ruger) hits exactly 4636 ft-lbs. My money is on the lower number being correct. Not even sure you could load a monometal, spire point 375gr pill in an H&H and still keep it to proper length…

    • bcelliott

      I agree. The standard weight for the .375 is 300 grains, so with the all-copper bullet, a lighter weight of 275 grains is probably correct, which corresponds to the quoted muzzle energy.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Im sure the .375 Ruger fans are thrilled by this news. All six of them.

  • Mac

    Something is wrong with the numbers. You sure about the bullet weights?