Ruger Re-Introduces Red Label Over-and-Under Shotgun

The Ruger Red Label shotgun was discontinued in 2011 due to poor sales. It seems that since then the Ruger engineers have been busy improving the design. The new Red Label has the same handsome silver/black/walnut look but with improved internals, improved barrels, improved center of gravity and better recoil reduction.


The new Red Label is only available in 12 gauge, although I expect a 20 gauge will be offered in the near future. Three different models with different length barrels (26″, 28″, 30″) will be offered.


From the press release …

Sturm, Ruger & Company, Inc. (NYSE: RGR) announces the launch of the newly redesigned Red Label over-and-under shotgun. Known for years as a top choice of American hunters and clay shooters for its world-renowned rugged construction and handsome American styling – the Red Label returns. The shotgun now features refined inner workings, a new center of gravity and reduced recoil. These new improvements deliver improved comfort and an enhanced shooting performance.

Shooters that have frequented the woods, fields and clay courses know the Ruger® Red Label shotgun has been a reliable performer that swings easily. The new 12 gauge Red Label has a redistributed center of gravity for even greater instinctual swing and pointing. Two-inch extended forcing cones, maximum back-bored barrels and a soft Pachmayr® buttpad enhance the shooting experience with reduced recoil. The Red Label’s familiar, low profile receiver reduces muzzle climb because the centerline of the bore is closer to the gun’s center mass. The new Red Label makes for an extremely comfortable shooting shotgun in the field or on the range.

“After 32 years of production, we put the Red Label on hiatus in 2011,” commented Ruger President and CEO, Mike Fifer. “We knew we could employ newer technology, improve the design and deliver a better performing Red Label. We have done that and restored the Red Label as the best American-made, over-and-under shotgun on the market.”

The Red Label features an American Walnut stock with a 1.5” drop at comb and a 2.5” drop at heel. Red Label shotguns are available with 26”, 28”or 30” barrels and each model features a 14.5” length of pull. The new models retain the Red Label’s classic lines and good looks, which are further enhanced by the new stainless steel top lever. The suggested retail price for all three models is $1,399.

Each shotgun includes a custom molded, semi-soft case, five Briley® chokes (two skeet chokes and one full, one modified and one improved cylinder choke), a premium-quality Briley® choke tube wrench and a safety lock.

The only question now is when the rumored Ruger auto shotgun will be introduced.

Steve Johnson

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  • Afzaal

    very nice looking shotgun

    • Julio

      Tastes vary…
      Personally, I find the fences somehow both cluttered and indistinct and the uneven line of the join between the monoblock and the action body seems a pointlessly hesitant gesture towards Beretta’s distinctive wedge cut, while the fore-end metal and the butt-stock look too wide for the action body. If it shoots well, that’s a different matter, but I wouldn’t buy one for its looks.

  • vamtns

    I don’t like the open space between the barrels. Looks too much like a HugluCZ. The fore-end could be slimmer, and the checkering pattern doesn’t go wellmatch the styling lines of the fore-end and receiver. I also notice the designer’s use of backslash angles at the mating of the stockreceiverfore-end front of fore-end. Would rather see a more traditional angle and a slim Schnabel fore-end.

    • Sadler

      The open space between the barrels is going to give you a bit better accuracy, with a much lower manufacturing cost. But the gun does look a bit strange to me. It’s a bit disconcerting to not see the pins in the receiver, it makes it look a polymer. But I’m sure it’s a good gun.

      • Julio

        Despite my earlier negative impressions, I must say that I do like the profile of the stock and fore-end (a rounded tip being more accommodating to different shooting styles than a schnabel) and am intrigued by the pinless action body. I agree with Vamtns though that the shape and position of the chequered panels detracts from the overall look of the gun.

  • Capybara

    Both me and my father in law have the original Red Label shotguns (Red Label Sporting Clays w the 30″ barrels) and we love them, they gave been excellent guns. Glad to see Ruger back in the shotgun business.

  • Jason

    My LGS already has one of these for sale.

  • Limonata

    I will happily take the 30” barrel version for sporting clays provided is shoots well. Will be on the hunt for a review.