BeowulfX Picatinny Rail

Crowdfunding has brought us a plethora of new firearm products and parts over the last year or so, from AR-15 upper and lower receivers to gun lock boxes. Well here’s a new product for the AR-15 that’s a bit, different. The BeowulfX Picatinny Rail mounting system from Beaowulf X Firearms Xessories [sic] is a new mounting solution that allows the user to install multiple accessories from the same mount. Available in a single, double and triple rail configuration it allows you to mount optics, lights, lasers or pretty much anything you want.

What could be the advantage of such a setup? Mounting everything towards the center of the rifle as opposed to out front on the handguard would help keep it more balanced. What could be the drawbacks? The height over bore seems a bit too high, and while having all your accessories centrally located may seem like a good theory, it would locate them too far from your hand to actually control them. Also having your weapon light located that far back on the rifle is not the optimal location for it. The BeowulfX is on Rockethub right now where the designer of the the BeowulfX is trying to raise funds to produce 500 units.


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  • wetcorps

    By mounting three BeowulfX on each BeowulfX, you can now have a rifle with an exponential and potentially infinite number of rails. TACTICAL TO THE MAX!

  • Nicholas Chen

    What an ugly design. There is a barska scope that does this already.

    This seems like a useless waste of money. Almost like de-evolution of the AR15

  • LJK

    Eh, the benefits he outlays in that video is that when he has bolted the rifle on a tripod and likes to use his particular shooting stance, the very high mount makes it comfortable for his specific height.

    And now after you’ve setup the rifle to be very difficult to aim for any normal person, you can customize your loadout by moving your light and laser to the very rear of the rifle, thus allowing you to either have both electronic constantly on or you have to run fairly long wired switched forward which’ll go nicely over some of the controls and the ejection port.

    Not everything is worth making an article about, Firearm Blog guys.

  • Van the Handcannon Man

    I’d recommend digging up the thread on this guy, it’s in their PIT I think.
    If I needed a raiser like that, I’d just get a gunsmith to make it or do it myself.

  • Tom M

    you know Weaver already makes a “tri rail” riser and it is practically useless as well…

  • Ian

    Not heavy enough. Needs to be heavier.

  • Tim

    This seems to be a solution to a nonexistent problem. A mount (waaaay to high) to mount a mount and a mount to? And then I can mount mounts on those mounts? All with no cheek weld? Must be a reason the guy only has $50 worth of funding.

  • gunslinger

    “yo dawg, i heard you like gun mounts…so we made a gun mount that can mount a gun mount on your gun, so you can have stuff mounted on your mount”

  • Jake W

    This guy is a poser who claimed Military service he didn’t do

  • Snatch McGee

    Wonder what this guys MOS is? Ninja Mall Cop Space Shuttle Door gunner Commando doesn’t qualify one to design gun parts. This is the kind of item that you need two of, you poop on one and cover that up with the other one.

  • Dick

    Tom, what is your MOS?

    • Tom M


  • Petakillspets Andyouknowit

    For only 189 dollars you can get a neat picture.Does he not have even one to take a picture of?!

  • SD

    It’s a solution in search of a problem. Mount is too high. His “I’m 6’2″ and hate scrunching my shoulders” routine is just gimmicky marketing. His mount strays away from basic shooting fundamentals, like a cheekweld. The best part? He hasn’t even tested it. No tests were done to prove it holds a consistent zero, or how it performs at range. He wants you to donate so he can test his mount and buy ammo. It’s the stupidest business idea ever.

  • BryanS

    wow, looks like an 8 inch holdover.

  • IXLR8

    It would be much better if it was hollow enough to still use the iron sights. I would like a rail mounted riser to put a scope on, but still be able to use the BUIS. My HK 9x scope needs to clear the front sight ring for an unobstructed view. This solution does seem a little on the high side. Mounting a side rail over the ejection port is asking for trouble…

  • Risky

    I’m sure he’s got a market for that with the Free Syrian Army.

  • MW

    Because what the Stoner platform REALLY needs is a worse cheek weld.

  • Masoo2

    It might be just the perfect height for a 1/3 Cowitness’d T-1

  • wut

    Do you even sight over bore?

  • Ziggy M

    This is the answer to a problem no one has had in a long time.
    It serves the same purpose as this item:

  • Slappy McNappy

    This is the worst idea I’ve ever seen. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul. (Also, what is your MOS?)

  • Howie Phelterbush

    jesus 13ers. This is what happens when ignorance in embraced. I’m 6’1 and don’t need this crap. Why? because I know how to mount and shoot a rifle! this mount is idiotic. Please tell me this is a joke. it has to be.