Hevi-Duty Home Defense 12 Gauge Ammo

Hevi-Duty ammo

Environ-Metal, maker of Hevi-Shot, is now selling a 12 gauge shotshell product called Hevi-Duty.  The new line of ammo use a 2 3/4″ shell loaded with either 12 pellets of 00 buck or 30 pellets of #4 buckshot.  Muzzle velocity is measured at 1250 fps in both loads.

The pellets are frangible, meaning they are designed to break into powder when they strike a hard surface such as concrete or steel.  When encountering flesh, the pellets are supposed to stay together and provide adequate penetration.

Hevi-Duty plano

The Hevi-Duty loads are “very low recoil” according to Environ-Metal.  When asked, a representative of Environ-Metal told me that the recoil is “slightly more than a trap load but considerably less than your standard 12 gauge buckshot load.”

hevi-duty ammo

The #4 buckshot loads are already for sale online for about $8-10/box of five shells.  I could not find the 00 buck for sale yet.  Environ-Metal will sell the ammunition in 100 shell dry boxes in addition to the normal five shell boxes.

Richard Johnson

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  • Wayne Atchley

    Another case of deceptive advertising. A “very low recoil” shell, yet they name it “Hevi-Duty.”

  • Scott

    1.90 a round. Too steep.

    • Duray

      If you’re shooting enough home invaders to put a dent in your budget, you should probably move.

      • Paul Epstein

        At the same time, though, you should test out any ammunition you intend to use in a crisis thoroughly in the gun you intend to use it in, and you should practice with it so that how it patterns or groups or recoils isn’t a sudden surprise. And there are plenty of rounds that *aren’t* 1.90 each which will get the job done.

  • bbmg

    ‘Environ-Metal told me that the recoil is “slightly more than a trap load
    but considerably less than your standard 12 gauge buckshot load.”’

    Newton published his laws of motion in 1687, more than 300 years ago. Is it so hard to give a numerical value for recoil?

    Also, why the weird projectile shape? It will obviously tumble through the air without gyroscopic stabilisation, how does this make it better than a sphere? Any comparative values in terms of velocity vs range, spread of shot etc. with “regular” buckshot?

    Meaningless marketing speak is fine if you’re selling skincare products to women but this is basic science, if you can’t show some honest numbers then it’s probably a gimmick.

    • Chrisrm1

      The shape is just an artifact of the manufacturing process. The shot is made in what is basically a pill press. Powder is dumped in a cavity pressed under very high pressure and then ejected from the cavity. This shape has been seen before in other “heavier than lead” shot.

      For what it’s worth, it flies just fine over shotgun distances.

      • bbmg

        Fair point, for home defence distances I don’t imagine it would be an issue.

  • Woodroez

    Clearly biting off some of Call of Duty’s logo work does nothing for me. For what it’s worth, the basic shape of the buckshot as shown is identical to their Hevi-13 loads, which seem to be well regarded as I glance at impressions online – I’m not a turkey hunter, so I’ve never used it.

    • KM

      If 13 year olds could purchase shotguns, this is what they would load them with

  • JT

    I still don’t know why they can’t just come out with tungsten #4 buckshot. #4’s problem as i understand it is penetration. Otherwise you have a lot of decent sized pellets on target

    • bbmg

      Tungsten as a raw material is roughly 50 times more expensive than lead…

      • jamezb

        ….and this stuff isn’t?

  • sianmink

    #4 that light isn’t going to penétrate enough to do the job. It also is going to have trouble in semiautos I bet.

    • EWittt

      The pellets are “heavier than lead” and per brassfetcher, #4 lead pellets at 1253 fps penetrate 13″ on average and up to 15.6″ in ballistic gelatin. I suspect these pellets will penetrate much better than that, although their shape may reduce penetration. I think it’s safe to say that this load would penetrate at least as much as a standard 2 3/4″ #4 buckshot load.

  • RickH

    Maybe someone will start loading commercially with rock salt. Sheesh.

  • me

    Yes, but how do they pattern? Shoot some from the typical HD shotgun’s 18″ to 20″ cylinder bore barrel. Show me some patterns at 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards, please.

  • Sanjuancb

    Just picked up the 00 version of this at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The pellets are most certainly NOT heavier than let. Very similar to the compressed zinc/whatever slugs used for breaching rounds. I would not carry this for defense if I had to. I’ll do some pattern testing but you can Google the loads and see the frangibility—we are talking about pellets turning to dust when fired from a slingshot into a pellet trap…

    • anon

      Does the Box actually say that the pellets are heaver than lead*.

  • Masoo2