H&K G28 DMR Photos

762PR Defence PR borrowed a Heckler & Koch G28, the Bundeswehr’s new Designated Marksman Rifle, from a local dealer for a photo shoot they were doing for one of their clients. The photos of are beautiful, as is the rifle …



I had the opportunity to handle the G28 earlier this year at SHOT Show. It looks just as good in person as it does in photos, but it is heavy, very heavy. The upper receiver is made from steel unlike the standard HK417 upper which is made from not aluminum. It is built to last.








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  • schizuki

    I’m beginning to wonder at what point all rifles will be AR’s and all pistols will be Glocks or 1911s.

    • Esh325

      I’m not sure what you mean. There are lots of military rifles in use that aren’t AR’s.

      • kthxbai

        i think he’s referring to the fact, that the g28 looks pretty similar to an ar-15, as do many other rifles today.

    • Lance

      No the Military LAPD and Minneapolis PD all us BerettaM-9/M-92FS its a good pistol so no on your handgun prediction.

    • Michael Pham

      Well, there aren’t any real quantum leaps in either handgun or combat rifle design in the near future, and its really hard to argue with the both the AR and Glock formfactor. Finally, ARs and Glocks are popular, and everybody wants to get in on it.

    • David

      There’s also a visual identification bonus to using AR-styled weapons such as the G28 and L129A1 vs say the G36 with the Heer, or the SA80 with the British Army respectively.

      Bonus number one from a visual identification standpoint. Neither weapon shouts “marskman” the way a bolt action or specialty semi-auto DMR does. Therefore these guys aren’t singled out as priority targets, or so I’ve been told. Heck even Troy Industries has a chassis for the M14 action to make it look more AR-like in an effort to do just that.

      Bonus number two. Special forces tend to really dig the AR-platform not only because of availability of parts and ease of maintenance, but because their country’s own service weapon would reveal them to be of a specific country’s forces whereas an AR merely looks “western”.

      But these two reasons are only part of the popularity equation.

  • Squidpuppy

    Gun is great, but that’s sure some crazy helmet…

  • J in Ga

    What are those front and rear covers on the aimpoint?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      They look part of the mount to me. Attached is a zoomed in image of the Aimpoint .

      • J in Ga

        That’s a really cool mount. I want one!

  • John

    what is “not aluminum” lol

    • Mike Knox

      The upper receiver is steel. H&K uses the same technique for recoil compensation with their G3 series rifles and post USP/Mk23 pistols..

  • Arne

    Such a beautiful rifle! sweet photos!

  • trueg50

    I think the helmet is far more interesting than the rifle to be honest. Looks like rails for lights on the side (as seen in second picture). He also has some variety of electronic hearing protection on under the helmet.

    • Schuultz

      OpsCore FAST helmet. Fittingly enough it’s scheduled to be the new helmet for the Germans.

      • MNOR

        It was also chosen as the new standard issue helmet for the norwegian army about two years ago.
        Other users includes almost every NATO special-forces unit there is..
        In short, a good, lightweight, truly modular helmet for the 21st century.

  • Manny Fal

    Doesn’t make any sense really. Australian military HK417 DMR has a 16 inch barrel, you can bet that was done to reduce weight. Yet here they put on what is possibly the heaviest looking quad on the market. And the fact they used a steel receiver is incredible. No doubt built to european specs as they are not serious about military defense.

    • Esh325

      They aren’t serious about military defense, yet the US military uses so many of their weapons.

      • Manny Fal

        Sure but only to U.S specs, you can bet U.S/Australia/Canada will not touch this HK417 variant.

        • Esh325

          Why not? Many European designs the US military uses are not very different from their European counterparts.

    • Schuultz

      Yeah the European Military (what’s the plural form of that, anyway?) has been on the decline the last twenty or so years. What has not been on the decline though is the production quality, unlike the large American manufacturers.

      H&K, FN, SIG and Beretta continue to produce some of the highest quality arms in the world while Colt and Remington have dropped in production quality, most notably with the latter since Freedom Group.

      There’s still some high quality smaller American manufacturers, but the large ones can’t keep up with the Europeans in terms of quality. The small ones often just don’t have the manufacturing capacity to supply entire armies.

  • vlad
  • nuttygunowner

    Is there a price/availability for US release?

  • Lance

    Making me Drool Steve not fair!!

  • Mike Knox

    Aaand que H&K crybabies..

  • Gun User

    What scope is being used on that rifle ?