How Phil Policed Back In The Day

What many of you don’t know is that TFB’s Phil White is something of a policing pioneer. Long before Texan cops started mounting .50 cal Barrett rifles on their patrol vessels, Phil was experimenting with .50 BMG Ma Deuce machine guns and speed traps (Phil is the cop sitting behind the M2) 🙂 The sign behind them says “Speed Limit Strictly Enforced”. No kidding.

Actually, the photo was an entry into a police photo competition and the machine gun belonged to the Coast Guard. After the photo was taken they went to the range (pictured in the background) and shot 500 rounds of .50 BMG, all the surplus ammunition the Coast Guard had on hand. This is the first time that this photo has been published online.

I think it is ripe to be meme’ified. Post your memes in the comments below (you can embed photos by dragging them into the comments box if you are using a modern web browser).

Steve Johnson

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  • EthanChou

    “Do you think it’s dead?” “Well shoot again to be sure”

  • Icchan


    • Scathsealgaire


      God I hope not. If it was caliber, you would have such abhorrent speeds as 7.62 or 5.56 Kmph (remember it’s metric). 0.50 Mph for a 0.50cal?, you guys will be begging to convert to metric, 12.95 Kmph. I wish it was muzzle velocity, and fine people for going too slow.

      • John184

        I think he means
        .50 cal = 50mph
        .223 = 22.3
        .308 = 30.8

        You get the idea.

  • Sam

    “speed limit 60 – or faster than the speed of ZIP-ZIP-ZIPPAH!”

  • keith m.

    Well, the Chief said no more high speed CAR chases.

  • thormart

    can’t be sorry for bad journalism being punished

  • junyo

    How Bloomberg wishes he could enforce the NYC soda ban.

  • Norm

    Either you slow down

    Or we slow you down

  • John

    Not as good as the Speed limit is enforced by aircraft and an Apache is behind the sign

  • Might outrun the car…but good luck outrunning the round

  • GD

    Write tickets? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat.

  • Lance

    Warning if your escaping or speeding we can shoot you down like a ME-109!!!!!!

  • Hedd Wyn

    In case you didn’t notice, we’re armed!

  • David Hinerman

    “Forget radar. Speed limit enforced by low flying lead.”

  • “You KNOW you’re gonna slow down… Better slow down nicely! “

  • Graham 1

    Yeah… they take DUI checkpoints really seriously in this county

  • Nadnerbus

    CHiPs, Iraq.

    A Donald Belisario production. You have the Tom Selleck mustache.

  • ronbo

    slow down or we’ll punch a hole through your engine block…..and firewall….and you…..and your trunk….and possibly the vehicle following you…..

  • Karina


    And then in smaller, finer print underneath:
    “Survivors will be prosecuted”

  • Mike

    LAPD – Protecting and Serving the SHIT out of you with the help of John Moses Browning

  • Anonymous

    Is that actually an M2HB? It appears to be mounted on a very large bipod – while someone might have fabricated one up for an M2HB (and there’s a photo of an experimental bipod used in WWII in Hard Rain), I’ve yet to see documentation of anyone else making such a device.

    Alternatively, I’m wondering if it might be an early bolt-action .50 BMG from Daisy or similar source. Any chance we can get a better quality copy of this image?

    • Oh please this was posted to have some fun with not doubt and question. Yes I assure you it’s a real M2 and that is actually me sitting behind it. It’s a tripod not bi-pod. I’m sitting very close to the third leg of the mount. The mounts are large. Actually when firing the mount sits with the longer leg I’m sitting up close to points forward with the two slightly shorter legs to the rear. We also sand bagged it which you better do! As Steve passed along it belonged to the US Coast Guard stationed on the Mississippi river. They brought the M2 out to our range because an M2 needs at least an 18 foot thick backstop and our range was the only one that did. Old ammo is shot up by the Coast Guard when it expires which is what we did after the picture was taken. It took us a good while to repair the berm, clean, change barrels and headspace. As far as a better picture this is a polaroid shot from 1991. I have the original around here somewhere and if I can find it I’ll try to get a better scanned copy.

    • I found a better picture

  • Jonathan Yoon/尹泰忍

    God, why would you need a friggin’ M2HB for policing anyway? Unless it’s Johannesburg…

  • John184

    Slow down or get mowed down.

  • Zed

    Mission from from God my ass! This’ll stop ’em.

  • cc19

    It’s like a scene right out of, “Sledge Hammer!” “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”

  • orly?

    If the internet was available back then, I’m curious what the reaction would have been.