How Phil Policed Back In The Day

    What many of you don’t know is that TFB’s Phil White is something of a policing pioneer. Long before Texan cops started mounting .50 cal Barrett rifles on their patrol vessels, Phil was experimenting with .50 BMG Ma Deuce machine guns and speed traps (Phil is the cop sitting behind the M2) 🙂 The sign behind them says “Speed Limit Strictly Enforced”. No kidding.

    Actually, the photo was an entry into a police photo competition and the machine gun belonged to the Coast Guard. After the photo was taken they went to the range (pictured in the background) and shot 500 rounds of .50 BMG, all the surplus ammunition the Coast Guard had on hand. This is the first time that this photo has been published online.

    I think it is ripe to be meme’ified. Post your memes in the comments below (you can embed photos by dragging them into the comments box if you are using a modern web browser).

    Steve Johnson

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