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  • Trev

    So it’s anti-material round proof, but not rock proof.

    There may be weakness in the design. Ill think it over and get back to you guys.

    • Avery

      Maybe adding a ribbed plastic or rubberized flip or slide cover might prevent any screen impacts. When it was shown to land face down, I knew the screen had been probably been cracked.

      I’m surprised as anyone that this actually worked as said. It might not have saved the phone but it did stop the round.

  • 7.62x25FTW

    You can see where he did not have good scope clearance and it knocked his glasses off.

  • alec

    I still think that the shock is what killed the phone.

    I have seen enough working iPhones with shattered screens to know that they can operate without the front glass being completely intact.

    • 6677

      Mr brothers had to have the glass taped onto the phone, worked fine. Entire front panel so badly shattered that when some apple store staff took the tape off it took the glass shards with it

  • Partizan1942

    Am I the only one who does not see a practical application to this? To what end would one try to make an iphone bulletproof?

  • Zak

    Say you had this in your shirt pocket, and you were hit by a .50 bmg round. What kind of injury are we talking?

    • Partizan1942

      Well before you would get hit, you would get injured trying to put it in a normal sized shirt pocket… 🙂

    • Trev

      In all seriousness, internal bleeding, broken ribs, lacerations ect.

    • Vincent

      You saw what the bullet did to the wooden board the phone rested on. That’s be a nasty gash all the way down to the jawbone if you lean over a bit.

  • mosinman

    now i just need to make a jacket out of these!

  • I consent! For Ferrari name brand headphones, they search great. I might never inside my life pull off that search, but I know there are numerous people these days that might.

  • JT

    Why? At least the strike industries case fits in a pocket and could theoretically provide improved protection from a far-off 7.62.39 round (that just happened to miss everything but the iphone case)

  • gunslinger

    looks like he needed a better setup. lets just shoot this next to the edge of a cliff….

    • MattInTheCouv

      My first thought as well. “Always be sure of your target and what lies beyond”. If it was a shotgun, and the shot would be in the dirt 100 yards out… fine, shoot off a cliff if you can see there’s nobody else around. However, firing a 50BMG, which has the capability of still being lethal as it makes landfall in the next county over? Bad form. Unless he’s shooting downhill, and you just can’t tell, I call this a bad enough shot to be considered a law violation.

  • That was a pretty awesome shot of the round hitting the case!