SEK (Spezialeinsatzkommando) H&K MP7 with Full Body Armor

The German Spezialeinsatzkommandos, special response units similar to SWAT, are fielding the H&K MP7 fitted with a special stock designed to be used with full body armour including ballistic helmets/visors. The stock provides a solid shoulder weld without interfering with the operator’s helmet range of motion.

I not sure who manufacturers that stock.

[ Many thanks to Vicario for the tip. ]

Steve Johnson

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  • ct11b
    • Higgs

      The FAB-ARS is advertized as being used by the SEK, so i say ya.

      • I also heard Brugger & Thomet.

    • Burst

      It’s awfully naive of me to ask… but why is an aluminum stock the price of a whole gun?

      Other than the fact that it’s an MP7, and will therefore be paid by taxpayers anyway.

      • Bryan S.

        Economies of scale? (No real US import means small sales numbers)

      • D


        basically: you charge what people will pay. Since you are selling to a government agency, they’ve got fat budgets and broad leeway, and little motive to negotiate on price. So you just slap a number on it and call it good.

        Probably the economy of scale wouldn’t be to bad, since it’s a fairly simple object made out of common materials.

    • Well done. That looks like it.

  • bbmg

    Now there’s a trick you couldn’t pull off with an FN P90… well played HK, well played…

    • milo

      nice stock, reminds me of the s3

    • W

      The P90 doesnt need a stock like that because of the raised optics mount. That is not counting the option of optic spacers either. I think making modifications with the optic is better than the stock simply because it doesnt affect recoil mitigation as much.

      • Mike Knox

        The P90’s sight offset isn’t high enough for it, even with holographic sights, risers or elevated sights..

      • W

        um…yes it is high enough with the P90. That is a advantage of the design.

        The stock options are a advantage for the MP7. Another example of a tradeoff.

      • Mike Knox

        Nope, P90 sight offset is fixed at two inches above cheek rest and stock footing is way too far behind to alow use of a helmet shield/visor.

        Seriously, have you really tried a P90 in real life before?

      • W

        I dont agree. Thats all that I can say.

      • Mike Knox

        The internet can only tell you that much..

  • Sobi

    here´s a clearer picture of it, in use with the SEK southern bavaria 😉

  • Whiskey Hammer

    The dogleg stock has been around for awhile. At least in milsim paintball it has. I would have liked to have that kind of stock when doing simunition training, we always had to rotate and sight down the barrel because the masks wouldnt allow for proper cheekweld .

  • Kevin

    Because “You suck and we hate you?”
    * the unofficial H&K motto

    • AZRon

      Well it didn’t take long for a trained parrot to show up.

      • W

        LOL. they always show up. they’re a well-known subspecies of trolls.

  • RickH

    It seems that the primary benefit of the stock is when the shooter is using the bulky face shield. I’ve never had a problem using a shoulder fired weapon while wearing body armor.

  • Anonym—anti-riot-helmet-visor-stock–available-for-heckler—koch-mp7-.html

    It´s defentily FAB,
    but it´s interrupt with normal handle if you don not want to use a stock,
    that´s not nice :/

  • Lance

    German Police using a HK SMG??? no Surprises they used MP-5 and now some MP-7s for years and years.

  • Other Steve

    In before Recoil staff write about how civilians couldn’t be trusted with riot style stocks on MP7s 😀

  • John Doe

    “This serves no sporting purpose!”


  • James Martinez

    Why oh why Hk do you dislike us so much as to make such cool firearms and not let us play along…Also I dig the flectarn riot helmet.

    • Leonard


      fleck = spot
      tarn(ung) = camouflage

      Also can we please stop the endless whining about H&K not doing this or that…they’re a private company and may do whatever they want as long as they follow the law. And there is no law saying “you have to sell every product you make to everyone”. Quite on the contrary, sales of guns to civilians are highly restricted in Germany, and as a German company H&K is thus not “used to” making lots of money from civilian sales. Most of their products go to law enforcement and military, as most of you well know.

      Now if they choose not to sell all of their products to civilians in the US (or elsewhere), that’s their decision. They might make less money, but that’s their own problem then. Restricting their sales to civilians is certainly good for their image in Germany, as the majority of the German media and a sizeable part of the population are against private gun ownership. Thus their policy also makes sense for them from a Public Relations point of view.

  • Mike Knox

    And still you can hear mall ninjas whine about not getting this toy..