Torture testing the Kel-Tec KSG Shotgun

The United States Special Operations Group, a corrections training organisation (not a government organisation as the name suggests), have torture tested the Kel-Tec KSG in a prison-like enviroment.

[ Many thanks to jdun1911 for the tip. ]

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  • Duttyrock2012

    Wow…The KSG battle tested in an empty prison, against paper targets. I didn’t realize US prison were considered “combat zones”?

    • Sol

      ” WASHINGTON — One area where the United States indisputably leads the world is incarceration.

      The United States has 2.3 million people behind bars, almost one in every 100 Americans. The U.S. prison population has more than doubled over the past 15 years, and one in nine black children has a parent in jail.

      Proportionally, the United States has four times as many prisoners as Israel, six times as many as Canada or China, eight times as many as Germany and 13 times as many as Japan.

      With just a little more than 4 percent of the world’s population, the United States accounts for a quarter of the planet’s prisoners and has more inmates than the leading 35 European countries combined. Almost all the other nations with high per capita prison rates are in the developing world. “

      • Reggie

        Do you consider Hostage Rescue combat? Idiot do you think he’s talking about just going in and blasting away at inmates

  • Atlemt

    That guy is a tool.

    • ThomasD

      But he sure makes the mall ninjas jealous.

  • darrel


    Please stop…. oh god. You are not operators. If anything, you are fancy-pants swat members.

    • Alex-mac

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of prison staff are ex-military. But I agree he layed it on pretty thick, I cringed when he said “Tier 1 group”.

      • Karina

        Or not military at all/rejected from service… Buncha Private Pyles, without the mental breakdown… though it’s debatable, because “Operators”.

      • justdavid

        He *is* Tier One — his group’s responsible for the ground floor. The Tier Two group is responsible for the tier about that. The Tier Three group ….

      • Ronny

        My department was trained by these guys, sloppy video maybe but these guys know what they’re doing. They were sole sourced by the Israeli government for some spec ops shit.

  • KentsOkay

    To top it off, the music choice just didn’t seem right. Happy Celtic-esque folk music usually makes me want to drink and be merry with hobbits, dwarves, and elves, not huck around firearms in closed environments.

    • SleepyDave

      Celtic music. Keltec shotgun.



      GET IT?

      • KentsOkay

        Mind = Blown

    • El Duderino

      Makes me want to kill the Anglish, laddie.

  • Tony

    WOW! I was unaware simple drop tests were classified as torture tests. I saw nothing in that video that proves the ksg is superior to other department issued shotguns.

    • KM

      That’s because it would be a miracle if the plastic handguard didn’t break off. Who uses a plastic handguard?? Kel-tec.

      I’m really starting to think they need to work with real gun manufacturers. Their ideas are great, don’t get me wrong, but they are incapable of sourcing durable parts as many p3at owners find out when their hammer spring breaks unexpectedly.

  • David/Sharpie

    He seemed to be operating it faster than he should have, it looked like he was jamming or short stroking it a lot.

    • Bryan S.

      Its not a shotgun you can be gentle with in the pump stroke. That was my experience when shooting one.

  • Xavier R Santoni

    No eye protection way to go Garcia!

    • Fyrewerx

      Exactly what I was thinking during the whole vid. Wearing the best eye protection available during torture testing a weapon is absolutely mandatory, in case of kabooms. That’s the time we would expect most to happen – deliberately trying to foul a piece.

  • ct11B

    So Kel-tec sends out a “shipment” (which I assume to mean more than one and multiple units) to these not even on the street LE, and I can’t find one anywhere so I can just blast some stuff. As well funded and gear proned out as they are with a fancy acronym for a name,. They better be operators operating on that prison from Face Off, or guarding super powered villains on Rykers Island.

    • Bryan S.

      If my buddy in New York can get his hands on ine, anyone can. Just have to look for it.

      • James

        They are the exclusive training group for Kel Tec, they train Hostage Rescue Teams.

  • mac66

    Pretty cool shotgun but what kind of ammo were they using? Didn’t see any damage to walls, doors, glass. Had to be something other than lead pellets or even rubber pellets. Also, the handling seems a bit awkward. Must be difficult and confusing to change the lever from one mag tube to the next.

    • Higgs

      Looked like bean bag round casings.

    • At about 4:30, you can see the little rubber balls… err, “Operator Discharge”… rolling around the floor after bouncing off whatever they hit.

  • Jeff

    I got surprised for a second and thought SOCOM would actually evaluate a kel-tec firearm. Really anticlimactic when I realized what was really happening.

  • tony

    It is NOT a torture test unless you put 20 thousand shells through it.

    • Specwalk1

      I read somewhere that at time of testing they had done 10,000 rounds

  • Will

    “Hey operators” Well, shit, he isn’t talking to me.

  • junyo

    For a successful test, there seemed to be an awful lot of stoppages. Just the fact that he never seemed to be able to run the gun dry without stopping to look at it/fiddle with it would tend to make me nervous.

    • Sian

      per the description, for each test the selector was first set to neutral and was racked several times, and during firing the selector was moved several times.

      • junyo

        Saw the description, but I’m not sure what flipping the tube selector back and forth during a firing test is supposed to prove? If you look around 2:18 for instance, assuming he’s simulating covering a retreat while firing, rounds in the gun, drops it from his shoulder to fiddle with it. Maybe it’s just me, but in a ‘torture’ test I want to see the gun be run from fully loaded to empty, consistently and with no drama. 3-4 shots, stop to fiddle, I can do with pretty much any shotgun.

    • damien

      I agree – there seemed to be a lot of fiddling around with the selector.

      As I understand it, the KSG needs the selector manually flipped when one tube runs out.

      Seems to me that there should be a mode where the selector just picks whichever tube has rounds in it.

      • junyo

        I read that the manual selector kept them from running afoul of ammo capacity restrictions, since the manual selector technically makes the tubes separate magazines.

      • Phil White

        You only have to manipulate the tube selector for an empty tube or to change type of ammo needed.

        The user does have to break the grip or use the left hand to reach under the gun and flip the selector.

        Watch for a review:-)

  • Mike

    From the intro, Notification:
    “At no time were weapons allowed to have rounds in the chamber”

    at this point skeptical is putting it lightly…

    add in the over the top video editing/soundtrack, and the first test looking less stressful and torturous than a color guard routine (think HS girls team, not MiL-guard),, I can’t even finish this video.

    /corrections SOG? I mean wtf?

  • David Cook

    That was really hoo-key. I don’t think that ding dong knew how to operate the shotgun that he was demonstrating. He seemed confused and he sure weren’t using regular shotgun ammunition inside that Prison complex “was it”? When I was 5 yrs old, my Red- ryder BB-gun took a lot more punishment that was demonstrated with that shotgun. It really took a lickin and kept on tickin. Was I impressed? Not one bit.

    • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

      Those appeared to be some sort of baton rounds if all those plastic thingies on the floor were any indication.

  • ct11B

    Tossing it around a couple times and waving it in the air like a HS girl flag guard team doesn’t constitute a torture test. At least it proves it will not discharge into some random person’s foot, so from that we know it won’t drop fire. I think for a more logical torture test to the environment and in which these Operators are gunna operate. If that is why Kel-Tec saw it fit to equip these Operators to best perform a T & E (and deny me one to blast some stuff). It’s already within a prison. Why not use materials that would normally be found in the hands of the inmates, because these are the worst of the worst kinds of people after all, and present the most harshest conditions. Like pour urine and feces into the weapon, make sure it gets all into the action and internals. We all know urine is highly corrosive and just eats through the plastic. And goes without saying a good log, just a handful of doodee just clogs up a weapon, makes it inoperable, just failure to feed out the ass. Also some shanks made out of toothbrushes. Just keep stabbing the weapon repeatedly, see if it puts any stress on the frame. And lastly and most torturous of all. A boiling hot pot of soup, just splashed all over. Because as we all know, its always a cafeteria brawl when shit hits the fan.


    good idea but still needs lots of work!

  • sgt fish

    a tier one corrections team, oh lord. I dont see where these guys get to call themselves a special operations group. Also somebody might want to tell the guy that combat shirts are made to be worn with a vest. if you arent wearing a vest it serves no purpose and you look like an idiot

    • u_undertaker

      They train SWAT teams for hostage rescue inside prisons and they taught the feds how to transport terrorists thats pretty badass.

  • Bill

    fyi, There’s a Group buy for the Kel-tec Sub 2000 trying to gather steam on

  • Oswald Bastable

    I would have prefered an AA-12. Certainly on the wings I used to work…

  • Oswald Bastable

    Tier One. I know it’s fun, but some folk spend too much time playing ‘Medal of Honour’…

  • JMD

    I lost count of the number of malfunctions.

  • Joe

    I was a member of a DoD Mil. unit that was responsible for recapturing and securing nuclear weapons,components,and facilities. When we put in official requests for MK 18’s we were denied because those weapons were only slated for Tier 1 units,I and all my team mates were told our unit was classified as a Tier 2 special operations group, Now I understand that there are some pretty sophisticated and extremely dangerous groups/individuals behind bars in CONUS. But in a 1000 hannibal lecters loose vs. ONE stolen /.unaccounted/lost Nuclear weapon I’ll take the Hannibals any day. At the end of the day a C-SOGs worse case scenario is a mass prison break out that folks is NOT a tier one mission.

    • Archangel5991

      These guys handle allot of terrorists for the Feds, plus hostage rescue in prisons is a nightmare, id imagine its like working inside a fortress.

  • Trev

    It’s a good thing it was 1$ Hot Sake night at RA. I don’t think sober me would have handled this video properly. My faith in humanity just sh*t the bed.

  • jim

    room temperature IQ in full demonstration..

  • So did inmates become immune to the 870?

  • West

    Im not getting much out of this since the guy on the gun doesnt seem to know what hes doing. Im not going to blame it all on the gun.

  • gunslinger

    i thought i wanted one of these. but if it can’t handle a simple drop test without running afoul of the action…

  • JOE Blow

    I wonder what a tier 2 group looks like in “battle”…lol

  • Mike Knox

    For me, whenever the word shotgun doesn’t appear after Kel-tec KSG, the name makes me think of a paintball marker..

  • WarWearyVet

    This guy, and his ‘special operations group’, are all that is wrong with this country. High falut’in nomenclature and a hoo-rah attitude are all some people/organizations think they need to become something they didn’t have the balls to be in the first place – a soldier in a war zone. The fact that they can seemingly make a living at it makes me sick.

    I think it may be time we stopped glorifying war in this country. Maybe we have to wind the wars we’re fighting down. Maybe we need to start developing real jobs here, so fake ones like this idiot’s have no real allure. Maybe we need to start showing Mary Tyler Moore show reruns in the place of Revolution … I really don’t know. I’ll I do know is that when a relatively major weapons manufacturer is dealing with numb-nuts like this, the pendulum has swung way too far in the wrong direction.

    • D

      They don’t just make a living; they must make a *good* living, to have that set up. A fake prison all to themselves to shoot up? A stack of KSG’s to (literally) throw around? All that spiff tactical gear?

      They must be making absolute bank, somehow.

  • Karina


    My ears…

  • John

    This guy doesnt even have safety glasses on. Wow…

  • george

    Why is this video of a incompotent poser wannabe on The Firearm Blog? It’s real easy to wear gucci gear and act hardcore when there’s no risk of danger. If these guys were really hardcore, they’d be in Sandistan and nobody would ever hear from them. What is happening to this site? That video represents everything that’s wrong with the gun industry today.

    • Nicks87

      I agree, these guys are just glorified prison guards. In my state the prison pays like $12 an hr. and half the guards are damn near criminals themselves.

      No offense to those of you who work corrections, I understand it’s a tough, thankless job but it’s no where near special operations. In fact it’s insulting to even compare the two.

      • Josh

        Dude are you assholes serious, they train SWAT teams and special response teams how to deal with Hostage Situations inside basically fortress’s. How the hell can you call them glorified prison guards?

  • JimD

    I like how the first five or six times he threw the gun, the barrel ended up pointing back at the audience as it hit the ground. What could possibly go wrong??

  • Sir Panfried


  • Reggie

    My agency did some training with this group, we have a Tier 1 SWAT team and they came in and blew us away. I just don’t get how you guys take “Corrections” and get “Over Paid Prison Guards”. They are the largest government contractor for Corrections Special Operations, Hostage Rescue, High RIsk inamte transports, they Cartel members and do handoffs with international governments spook stuff. You guys are just a bunch of couch warriors.

    • anointedsword

      Yea, they have time on the sights, that much is certain. That guy was getting hits while his transition between targets was fast and smooth.

  • anointedsword

    This makes me sick! They are throwing them around on the ground when I am still trying to find one at a reasonable price! :)> Glad to know that it keeps on ticking…