Geissele HK417 SSF triggers converted to Semi-automatic

Geissele is producing a special run of semi-automatic triggers for the HK417. They are modified Geissele HK417 SSF (Super Select Fire) triggers from a canceled order.

If you have a H&K MR762, this trigger would be a good upgrade over the stock H&K trigger.

Steve Johnson

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  • Roolilukk
  • gunslinger

    so these were from a FA/Burst fire trigger group? but have been modified to be Semi only?

    pardon the noob here, but what kinds of mods would one need to do to a FA trigger to make it Semi? And i’m guessing that it would be next to impossible to “reconvert” back to FA?

    not trying to fish on how to make FA, there are plenty of other resources out there that describe the mechanics of how FA works.

    I’m just curious.

    • nobody

      I’m pretty sure the disconector for the full auto trigger has a part that extends back further so the safety can hold it down so they just cut that off and maybe remove the part on top of the hammer that catches the full auto sear and I’m pretty sure that’s all as the auto sear isn’t directly attached to the trigger Also if you were to install a full auto trigger, disconector, and safety without the auto sear it could lead to the gun failing to fire a lot or the gun firing out of battery and exploding.

      Here is a link to an animation of the full auto trigger group, the auto sear is the part furthest to the right and it is tripped by the bolt going back forward:

  • Mark

    Awesome. Geissele triggers are amazing.

    • Other Steve

      Love mine.

  • Tommy

    Big improvement over the factory trigger. There is a group order on too.

  • Lance

    Can they work on regular AR-10s? They look nice.

  • Mike Knox

    I don’t really get the idea of the hammer protrusion..

  • John Doe

    Giesseles are the Ferraris of the trigger world.