Olin patents concept to circumvent hunting regulations

Olin Corporation (which trades under the Winchester Ammunition brand) has just been granted a patent (#8161886) for a 12 gauge shotshell design that would be used in conjunction with a barrel insert in order to allow the firing of small-caliber bullets through a rifled barrel from a 12 gauge shotgun.

Why would you want to use such a system? For the same reason you would prefer a rifle over a shotgun: ballistics and accuracy. Only this system could be used during shotgun hunting seasons! Sneaky, although I as soon as it was bought to market it would be banned by the state hunting authorities.

Steve Johnson

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  • Bruce

    Short Lane has been doing this for quite awhile now…is Olin stealing the idea? Or is this actually different from Short Lane’s fine products? I own one of each, and they work GREAT! http://www.gunadapters.com/categories/Shotgun-Adapters/12-gauge

    • its not the same

      this is far more complicated, you got a blank shotgun shell, probably, and a barrel insert with just the .40 bullet, not the cartridge itself.

      in other words, the blank shotgun cartridge would act as the propellant for the bullet.

    • This is completely the opposite. Those are chamber adapters, they have been around for ever. Some people like bouncing a .38 bullet all the way down their 12 gauge barrel ­čśë

      This patent is about using the 12 guage chamber, but with a special 12 gauge cartridge cartridge and a barrel insert.

      • Bruce

        Thanks balci and Steve, I see the difference now! I am guilty of not FULLY reading the article before commenting…DOH! Ya gotta love The Firearm Blog.

      • Paul Rian

        Yeah, you even see .22LR inserts for 12 gauges and flare guns- not really a very smart idea. No chance of doing any damage to anything you actually want to damage beyond ‘bang-stick’ range.

        Barrel inserts are also as old as the hills though- still plenty of drop-block single shot rifles around from the 1800’s that were converted to .22LR with a similar system.

    • Reverend Clint

      thanks… now im getting the 20 to 9mm

  • Bruce

    Sooo…now that we all know what a superior brain I have (go ahead and laugh, its good for ya). Are there any clues as to when we may expect to see this product hit the market? Will the insert(s) be reusable? Will they be sold as ammunition? I know, that’s a lot of questions for a fella with a superior brain like mine, but I rely heavily on The Firearms Blog for accurate information (=

    • Matt G.

      I imagine the barrel insert would be reusable, but the shotshell with bullet and propellant would probably not be reloadable easily.

  • Bill

    The last sentence of this article doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    • Komrad

      Imagine yourself as a game warden or a state congressman writing hunting laws. Some company comes up with an easy way to essentially negate the law. What are you going to do about it?

      • ThomasD

        Except that this invention doesn’t negate the law.

        Slug (single projectile) loads already exist for shotguns.

        Rifled Barrels already exist for shotguns.

        Barrel inserts already exist for shotguns.

        State game laws are already written to address each and every one of these issues.

        Try and use this invention during waterfowl season in FL, NY, MT, ID, TN, or VA (States I’ve hunted in) and you are already in violation of existing regs.

  • JC

    I don’t get why someone would go to all the trouble of this. Modern sabot slug shotgun loads are very accurate and have plenty of knockdown power. They will never reach the potential of center fire rifle cartridges, but they are good enough for 200-300 yard shootimg, in my opinion.

  • Chase

    Looks like it’d be very heavy, depending on what the barrel insert is made of.

    • Other Steve

      It doesn’t mean it need to be full shotgun length. It could be 5-12″ with no issue.

  • Southerner

    From the drawing, it appears the barrel insert would be inserted from the front – probably held in place via the choke tube threads. The back of the barrel also apears to enter the front of the uncrimped shotshell round, allowing the internal stops in the “shotshell” to engage the breech of the barrel insert. Such a system would appear to be usable only with single shot designs.

  • You know, I have often wondered why something similar was never done with a .410 shotgun. I am rather ignorant when it comes to reloading so I can only assume that you just cant get enough powder charge into that shell to get the velocities up high enough, but its basically the same idea.

    I also wonder why they would not choose to go with a .30 caliber or smaller bullet (something in a more traditional hunting caliber) rather than the .40 caliber. If you are going to go to all that trouble to build something like this, why not do one that is going to give you a much better ballistic coefficient?

    • Other Steve

      Patent examples and drawings mean nothing. Only the claims section means anything at all. I’m sure in their claims they do not limit themselves to .40

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    I suppose the major advantage here, from a legal standpoint, is if you are in an area that has tighter restrictions on rifles than on shotguns. Shotguns are usually subject to lighter restrictions than other guns in many places.

  • bbmg

    Why not have a taper bore insert like the 2.8 cm schwere Panzerb├╝chse 41 from WW2?

  • ThomasD

    Only this system could be used during shotgun hunting seasons!

    Not in any State I’ve ever hunted in. Each of those not only specify the nature of the weapon, but also define the acceptable loads and/or projectiles, ie. if it doesn’t fire shot (of specified sizes) it is not a shotgun for purposes of legally taking game, regardless of how the BATFE may classify it.

    There’s a reason nobody makes 8 gauge shotguns anymore…

  • pch0511

    So let me get this right…

    I have a 12 gauge shotgun. I assume it has to be a cylinder bore. I then have to buy this barrel insert and then I have to buy special ammunition. Just to be able to shoot a rifle/pistol cartridge out of my shotgun.

    So let me guess…the barrel insert costs as much as a rifle and the ammunition at least twice what normal rifle/pistol ammo costs.

    Hmmm…P.T. Barnum…my hero!

  • We have been making them for years. We have rifled adapters as well as smooth bore. Walt Rausch , Dave Canterbury have tested these adapters and shot many Video’s. So check them out