Lightfield Zombie Blaster

LightField is producing a nifty range of 12 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 shotgun blanks called the Zombie Blaster. They do not contain a projectile and are simply designed to make as much noise and as big a flash as possible.

Zombie Blaster in action.

These rounds are just for fun, but the company does manufacture a law enforcement equivalent called the Nova Distraction Round which they promote as a cheaper alternative to Flash Bangs.

Steve Johnson

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  • Pat

    Looks like fun, but as for the alternative to flashbangs side, I’d be worried that someone would load the wrong round or assume one was in the chamber when it was actually something else. That will not end well.

    • fw226

      Well, plenty of police departments and SWAT use less lethal rounds out of shotguns. I don’t see this as being significantly different.

      Personally, I’d rather have a dedicated LTL shotgun for it to lessen that chance, but I’ve also never trained in using different rounds in my shotgun.

    • Alex-mac

      If they wanted these rounds to be taken seriously they shouldn’t have called them zombie blasters, duh.

      • fw226

        They’re branded as “Nova-DR” for distraction round to LE, apparently. Maybe the zombie thing was an afterthought to try and sell it to regular folks.

      • Charles P

        most police agencies have LTL shotguns with orange stocks and or spray painted less lethal

    • Mu

      Don’t worry, even if you can’t distinguish between a gun and a taser and shoot a guy by mistake, no one would ever mix up non-lethal and lethal shot gun ammo, as they’re clearly marked.

      • fw226

        Did you see the guy in the video blast the door open with the less lethal round from the blaze orange marked less lethal loaded shotgun… and then go inside to clear a room with it?

  • hojo


  • Vaarok

    Expect to see these used in somebody’s amateur cinematography projects…

  • JC

    Check out the video on their website – it shows them shooting some of those bleeding zombie targets with this.

  • David

    Seems like a good idea for LEO’s, why they’re called zombie blasters? I don’t know

  • Adam W

    I need to figure out a way to get my alarm clock to fire one of these puppies to let me know I’m not allowed to miss morning cardio. Sure washing my sheets every day would get annoying, but I wouldn’t hit snooze ever again.

  • MacK

    atleast that FPSRussia dude will have something new for his videos on youtube.

  • Lance

    Looks like a cheap nand effective way to get around flash bangs and the ATF making every one miserable.

    • W

      or giving adequate tools to patrol and corrections officers and potentially saving lives.

      • Sam87

        Yeah, that looks to be the most promising use for them and looks to be the right tool for the job, certainly less likely to hurt someone in such a confined space.

        Also looks to be useful for forcing entry into cars. It looked as though there is very little glass that flies, but it crumpled the whole back screen. Certainly has its uses.

  • Matt

    Start to be sick abvouth the “Zombie” marketing hype..

    In Europe is common to have driven wild boars hunt and I purchased some of these “(flash)BANG” blanks (not checked yet if the flash, for sure they “BANG”)

    Shorter then std 2 3/4″ (50 mm long) and pretty cheap (no ‘green stripes’ on them for sure).

  • I can see this being a HUGE prank at the “Snootiest gun clubs”,
    “ok, Lord Snorabugera, here is your Mighty LC Smith, Are You Ready For Doubles?”
    ..Ahem…Doubles? my good man, I Was and Still AM, the record holder in Chestlehiggonbottomhiram on the Kent, now.. PULL!!
    whot hell was that? if that bloddy colonial load had broken me cocking piece, I’ll have his knackers for door knockers.

    aw yeah…cant wait to sneak a few in, and watch the fun

    • Burst

      Smashing fun.

    • Komrad

      Throw in some confetti shells for added lulz.

      • Yeah, that guy…

        Holy monkey balls… $10 for three confetti shot shells!!! Unless those shells attract hot women or come packed in $9 worth of coins, someone is crazy.


    If this actually works for door breaching by pressure alone as the vid suggests, this would be a good safe alternative without creating much shrapnel or secondary projectiles.

    • Aragorn

      Well sound is generally bad as it draws zombies this round would be perfect for drawing a large group of zombies into an ambush zone.

      • David

        Forget the zombie part, this isn’t for zombies (Although after shtf you could use these as part of a warning alarm aka shotgun traps…) This is ACTUALLY meant for LEO’s or wildlife officers, to either replace/suppliment flashbang grenades, or for light door breaching without secondary projectiles.

        If these are legal in Canada, I might pick up a few

  • Jeff Smith

    How would a loud bang and bright flash help you against a zombie?

    They should be called “Zombie Death Warrants” since firing a round that has no projectile and attracts the attention of every zombie within a mile is as good as signing your own death warrant.

    • Komrad

      Precisely what I was thinking. Not only is this just a stupid bid to cash in on the zombie fad, it wouldn’t be helpful against any variation of zombie except maybe (maybe) 28 days later style. But even then, why blind when you can shoot>

      • JM

        I think it’s funny that you decry the “zombie fad” and then contribute to it in the same post.

      • Cymond

        I suspect there are many of us that like good zombie media (original Night of the Living Dead, The Walking Dead) but detest the zombie marketing craze. We want the zombie subject to be handled with intelligence, not more neon green junk.

        Zombies are an interesting concept, socially. They don’t have a sunrise or a silver bullet that wipes out the entire problem like other monster movies, because other monster movies employ a singular monster. It doesn’t matter how many Zs you put down because there will always be another. It’s an unending supply of enemies that can never be completely defeated. No matter how many waves crash against your defenses, there is always another wave coming.* In that sense, zombie movies have more in common with disaster movies (flood, storm, earthquake, etc) than other monster movies. The characters are facing a problem that they have no power to stop or control, and a problem that impacts everyone and everything. A lot of zombie media focuses on the zombies and barely touches on the subject of looters & bandits. Realistically, the greatest threat may not be the risen dead, but rather other rifle-wielding survivors that want your supplies.

        *I guess it could be argued that Night of the Living Dead was somewhat a reflection of the American situation in Vietnam.

    • Metalix

      I think the intent was not to use them against zombies per say but to use them on movies and shows to make everything seem larger than life.

  • MAB

    I wonder what the potential for these in 12ga Blank Firing Grenades are and if so what the danger of the BFD launching upon detonation. Just a thought.

  • S O

    I sense its use in pranks and TV shows soon!

  • ThomasD

    About 20 years ago I had some steel cased 7.62×39 ‘practice’ ammo, with metal cased plastic core projectiles (now since declared verboten) that produced similar fireballs at the muzzle.

    The stuff was darn near blinding.

  • KM

    Is it really a good idea? It’s more capability for LEO’s but won’t the less-trained departments just end up setting a lot of houses on fire or something? Or they end up raiding a lab and end up lighting up an entire block because they wanted to use their nifty new toy

  • John Doe

    I don’t think this will replace flashbangs, ever. The advantage of flashbangs are that they can be tossed through a door or around a corner without exposing yourself. If you run into a room pointing a shotgun, the odds that you’ll get shot are pretty damn high.

  • derfel cadarn

    Again,all this “zombie” makes us look like the wingnuts the left makes us out to be. I admit that this $h!t is cool but we need to be concerned about the image we portray. If you have seen some of the gun “experts” online you know what I mean.

  • Alex-mac

    With those underbarrel shotguns located under a rifle, it can’t hurt to unload one of these each time you enter a room in CQB. It may give you an edge.

  • Airrider

    The marketing’s silly and ironically about as done to undeath as your typica zombie, but it’s nice to see this sort of thing given some exposure. Think about this: now any filmmaker with some shotguns lying around in the right gauge knows where to get shells for some cool effects.

  • Nicks87



    And people wonder why the left-wing loonies say that gun owners live in a fantasy world.