Hornady Zombie Max

Hornady is launching a range of products designed self-defense in a zombie apocalypse. The video below is NSFW.

Be PREPARED — supply yourself for the Zombie Apocalypse with Zombie Max™ ammunition from Hornady®! Loaded with PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets…yes PROVEN Z-Max™ bullets (have you seen a Zombie?). Make sure your “bug out bag” is ready with nothing but the best!


Disclaimer: Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition is NOT a toy (IT IS LIVE AMMUNITION), but is intended only to be used on…ZOMBIES, also known as the living dead, undead, etc. No human being, plant, animal, vegetable or mineral should ever be shot with Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition. Again, we repeat, Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition is for use on ZOMBIES ONLY, and that’s not a nickname, phrase or cute way of referring to anybody, place or thing. When we say Zombies, we mean…ZOMBIES!

Z-Max cartridges include 55 gr. .223 Rem (~$16/box),123 gr. 7.62x39mm (~$14/box), 115 gr. 9mm (~$15/box), 165gr. .40 S&W (~$17/box), 185 gr. .45 ACP (~$18/box), 168 gr. .308 Win. (~$24/box), 12 gauge 00 Buck ($10 / 10 round box).

Until I see these rounds listed for sale on the Hornady website, I am not going to rule out that this is just a clever viral marketing stunt. I have confirmed that they are real.

[ Many thanks to Ben & Drew for emailing us about the Z-Max. ]

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • Mouse

    I believe it is a clever marketing ploy, BUT I believe the key word here is clever. People will buy it as a novelty, but if the ammunition performs well ballistically, then who’s to argue?

    • Matt G.

      It would be interesting if they went all out on the zombie theme for this stuff… Like loaded it with a very fast powder that burns up before the end of the barrel reducing flash and report since we all know zombies are attracted to sound.

  • David Fortier

    No, the ammo is real. Hornady showed it off to writers this past August.

  • NickS

    This would be an awesome commercial for The Walking Dead season opener. I’d even like to see them bust open a box of 12ga and load it up during one of the shows.

  • Great idea! haha.. We should be launching a Zombie hoslter to match it! lol!

    • Matt G.

      I would buy a zombie themed holster if it was good.

  • Mike

    Clever, indeed. Halloween is right around the corner.

  • Netforce

    Wow, that’s pretty creative. Any fan of The Walking Dead series would love to have it.

  • Jess

    Is it just me or doe it look like he is using a surefire 60 round magazine.

    • Matt G.

      Definitely appears to be.

  • Zombie Hunter

    I’m definitely buying a lot of these!

  • Great, I love the marketing concept.

    But what is this ammo supposed to be? Target ammo? Plinking ammo? Or is there a real self-defense capable loading?

    I don’t know that I’d want this box to be Exhibit A in a self-defense homicide trial…

    • JamesD

      Especially with that disclaimer.

      What are you going to do, say you thought the intruder was a zombie?

  • anton

    Whut? :O

  • Mike

    The more I think about this, the less I like it.

  • Brian P.

    You’re…kidding me, right?

  • Mark

    People will buy it, and therefore Hornady has every right to market it, but that still doesn’t mean that it’s the responsible choice. Crap like this does not reflect well on our industry, but it will attract a broader base of users, and hopefully expand the shooting community.

  • Sam

    What’s so special about them? I’m sure they have great ballistic performance, but that shouldn’t be a problem if Zed’s running at you.

    Minimum load to reduce recoil? Hollow or ballistic point to impart maximum impact energy to Zed’s brain and thus ensure the ‘kill?’ Do they make it easier to shoot while screaming like the guy in the video?

    • noob

      Even so, it’s *not* being advertised as a one shot stop in the video!

  • ARJohnston

    Ive always had respect for hornady…. Good products, published loads, customer service. But theyve taken a big hit in my eyes, with this. This seems to trivialize the seriousness and maturity that should be practiced in owning and operating firearms. Not to mention our lifestyle is constantly under attack by interest groups…. Does this kind of advertizing make our proponents sound MORE or LESS legitimate? Seriously hornady… helping or hurting? There is alot more at stake here than being cool! Marginalising the voice of the industry and its supporters with childish, gimmick advertising…. Disappointed!

    • Brian P.

      There’s nothing wrong with having a sense of humor. Besides, even the CDC got in on the whole zombie craze, and that was just a few months ago, I believe.

  • Kargatane

    Seriously? People are that pissy about this??

    Nice to know that in the event of a real zombie apocalypse some people won’t need ammo, they can just pull the stick out of their butt and use that.

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    Hmmm. I’m conflicted.

    If the disclaimer is necessary then it doesn’t seem like such a great marketing idea.

    @SPQR: “Exhibit A” for sure.

    However, I’ll likely get a box of shells ’cause the box looks way cool.

  • Personally, I was laughing for 10 minutes after reading this. I admit, I’m building a “Zombie Apocalypse” kit (aka 3-day evacuation kit), and as a gun owner it surely does have firearms for me and my family.

    I have never, until now, seriously expected to find zombie-dedicated ammo! The idea plays beautifully on the current “zombie” fad, much like the CDC endorsement of zombie kits. No one seriously expects real zombies, but being prepared for them means you can probably handle any other real-life situations.

    However, I have to agree with @SPQR that I would love to know more about the ammo. Zombie dedicated or not, I want to know exactly what I’m stocking up on.

  • Squidpuppy

    You have to shoot zombies in the head, right? Once you got that, they’re down. And you should also carry a lot of ammo, so it would seem to me ammo like 5.7×28 and 4.6×30 and .22 magnum would be the tactical choice against zombies. Easy to shoot; pack a lot of them. No?

    • Brian P.

      You do have a point there, but there is a problem with that. Those aren’t very common ammo types. The market is pretty much flooded with .223, 9mm, and a few others. Also, in the hypothetical case of a zombie apocalypse, zombies aren’t the only things you need to worry about. Many people easily lose all sense of humanity and in a panic. You’d have to worry about looters, panicking people, and the general scum of the planet too. In these cases, those small, lightweight rounds ain’t gonna cut it.

      • Matt G.

        I agree somewhat about comp amity but there are quite a few boxes of 5.7 around here and .22 mag is everywhere. The HK round is lame. 5.7 is good enough for people.

      • Matt G.


  • JamesD

    I like the disclaimer.

    Now, where are the results of the tests on actual zombies that prove it works?

    • JamesD

      I’m thinking Hornady TAP Personal Defense with brass to make it cheaper… except for the 7.62 x 39 which is probably housed in fused horse crap since those guns will shoot anything and they aren’t getting any more accurate.

      • Brian P.

        What have you got against 7.62x39mm? It’s more reliable than any glorified .22’s.

      • Matt G.

        Brian if you will slowly read through his comment, he was actually commenting the round for it’s reliability.

      • JamesD

        @Brian P.

        1. I own a nice Russian SKS and an AR-10 (Remington R-25 .308)
        One shoots MOA out of the box, the other… not even close.
        At 50 yards the SKS would be a great zombie gun. At 100 you’d be very lucky to get a head shot, and we all know that’s the only way to kill a zombie.
        The AR would knock down zombies at 200+ yards all day long and you could thin the hoard before they even get close. I don’t think I’ve even attempted to shoot at the broad side of a barn from 200+ yards with the SKS because I know the outcome.
        The only time my AR has ever failed to feed was when the rim of the cartridge failed and the extractor couldn’t pull out the round.

        2. As for glorified .22s… I don’t think either of us would want to be shot with one.

        3. Some people have no sense of humor.

    • Joseph Hill

      wheres your prozac ? , and stop blubbering .

      • Alan Walsh

        Like I said before…

  • I. . . Um. . . What?

    The marketing strategy makes no sense, and I’m afraid it will have a net negative effect on Hornady sales. I thought they were serious about ballistics and performance, but now I’m thinking they’ve just lost their damn minds.

    I’ll probably pick up a single box of .223 as a novelty. Keep in mind though, that when I buy ammo for SHTF or practice, that it’s usually 500 rounds at a time, if not more. We joke about the zombie apocalypse, but we all know it’s not really gonna happen. . . right? So. . .

    Where’s my Advil?

  • Rusty Shackleford

    I’m supriesd so many people are geting all pissy over this, it’s just a marketing scheme, and a funny one a that. I’ll probably buy some just in case.

  • JamesD

    Do you suppose the ballistic tip glows in the dark?
    They could advertise it’s for vampires too if it gives off UV rays!
    Hell, why not put a silver jacket on the bullet to get those werewolves while they are at it.

    One of the dorkiest marketing ideas ever and it will probably be their top seller just for the novelty.

    I love it!

    • Matt G.

      You sir are a genius! Thaey could hit all of the monsters at once. Maybe with wood tips since a little uv probly won’t get a vamp.

      • JamesD

        Du-Oh! I forgot about wood.
        But that might impact accuracy slightly though since wood isn’t as uniform as plastic.

        How about a small pocket for holy water? I knew hollow points had another use! Oh wait, that’s to hold poison for giant sharks.

        I have a better idea… a cross laser engraved on the base of the bullet!

      • JamesD

        Crap, I totally forgot about post apocalyptic radioactive mutants.
        What kills those things anyway?

  • Matt G.

    The amount of pissy little girl comments is sad.

    These appear to simply be Hornady FTX bullets loaded with a yellow polymer tip instead of the normal red. And I suppose regular brass to make it cheaper I guess. It’s a novelty folks. You know, For fun.

    I think a few of these commenters need a Midol.

  • Matt G.

    If those prices are right that’s some pretty cheap FTX Ammo.

  • Is LSD legalized in the USA?


  • Arifonzie

    This is idiotic marketing and anybody who responds favorably to it is an idiot as well -and we all know idiots and guns are not good combinations . As someone said earlier this trivializes the deadly seriousness of firearms which makes us all look bad. If 14 year old boys are the demographic for ammunition than it makes sense.

    • Joseph Hill

      if the box confuses you, you shouldn’t own fire arms . if you load the weapon expect it to fire.

      • Alan Walsh

        Mr. Joseph Hill,
        I keep wanting to reply till I read your comments. Could not say things better my self. And, you are tooooooooooo funny!

  • SpudGun

    I too was going to join in on the ‘pissy’ comments, citing the ridiculousness of Hornady’s marketing campaign and it’s use of an unrealistic threat to sell it’s wares and then I realized that almost every company uses fear and anxiety to sell it’s goods and services. So singling out Hornady would be blinkered and somewhat hypocritical.

    Personally, I enjoy the current zombie fad and will buy a box for novelty / collector value. I find it reminiscent of the ‘atomic’ fad from the 1950s where everything was nuclear powered and had the symbol of an atom on the branding.

    I’m in two minds over the packaging though, on the one hand I like the kitschy design and the humor, on the other hand, it could be easily misconstrued. ‘Warning: This is live ammuntion, this is not a toy’ – um, then don’t put it in a frikkin’ toy box then. 😉

  • Andy Harris

    Laughed my ass off! Life is too short not to have a sense of humor, and my hat is off to Hornady! And NO, they aren’t using “fear” to market these rounds. None of us who are into the current “zombie craze” actually believe the dead will come back to life and start munching on the living. Some use “zombie apocolypse” as a metaphor for natural or man-made disasters, and firearms/ammo are just one element in being prepared.

    I will definitely buy a box or two for myself, as well as a couple for Christmas presents!

  • Andrew

    The only thing that I’m ‘actually’ concerned (yes I am going for a serious note for a brief moment, shocker) about is what they state at the end in the disclaimer…

    “Disclaimer: Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition is NOT a toy (IT IS LIVE AMMUNITION), but is intended only to be used on…ZOMBIES, also known as the living dead, undead, etc. No human being, plant, animal, vegetable or mineral should ever be shot with Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition. Again, we repeat, Hornady® Zombie Max™ ammunition is for use on ZOMBIES ONLY, and that’s not a nickname, phrase or cute way of referring to anybody, place or thing. When we say Zombies, we mean… … . . ZOMBIES!”

    Does that mean that this ammo is completely worthless to shoot at anything other than maybe some watermelons? Would a watermelon be about right compared to a zombie head? I will agree that I would jump on the bandwagon for the sheer laugh that I Hornady has given me over the marketing scheme, and pick up a box (just 1 box) for each of the ammo I use. Solely for the purpose of setting in my display case and giving every shooter that comes into my house something to chuckle over with me. Heck, I may even buy 2 boxes of each just so I can put them down range into a melon (water or musk, maybe cantilope… though pinapples are right out).

    • amit

      Wouldn’t watermelons be considered plants? That’s a no no…..LOL. I love this, its a great idea, have some fun people, its OK to laugh no and then. Maybe they should come out with some zombie tampoons for the people with big manginas…..j/k relax, and get a sense of humor

  • tommy2rs

    I’ll have to get a couple of boxes myself, just for the novelty of course….lol. Seems zombie marketing campaigns are big this month for some “strange” reason as I got one from Brownells also. But I must say Hornady did it better.


  • Domestic Squirrel

    They need some z-max .22s for zombie squirrels & critters.

  • DaveR

    Practically speaking, there’s nothing different between preparing to fight zombies and preparing to fight WorldWarIII. Watch “hobby tactical” folks on youtube and you might realize that they are in as much of a fantasy world as anyone preparing to fight zombies (they just might not realize it)

    That said, I am concerned that the box design (despite the warnings) looks like “fun” ammo that seems to take the consequences of its misuse too lightly. If anything tragic ever transpired that involved a child, I’d be concerned that a lawyer could make a case of the box presenting an “attractive nuisance” to a minor.

    Hornady is obviously having some fun here, and I just hope they’ve thought through all of the potential complications.

    • Russ

      Only problem there is that minors can not buy ammo and most likely will only be sold in gun shops and online. I doubt you’d see this in Cabelas or Bass Pro shops.

      • DaveR

        Of course this point extends to guns in general. However, minors do get hold of guns (somehow) and they will sometimes have accidents; ammo is much, much less regulated than this. Moreover, most shooters regard secure ammo storage as less important than secure gun storage. So I can see how a kid could get hold of some of these “comic book” bullets and injure himself (maybe, with the help of nothing more than a nail!)

    • Responsible Owner

      Dave, Blame the parent or fool who left their ammo out. Not the box it came in.

      That’s like saying the company is responsible for your kid drinking drain cleaner.

      Trust me, if your kid is knowledgeable enough to take a nail to a primer, then they are perfectly capable of opening a bottle of drain cleaner, which means they are capable enough to know it’s NOT a toy.

      The box is colorful and “fun” and people say, but if it’s stored correctly, and you are a responsible owner, as well as teach your kids that weapons and ammo are NOT toys, I don’t see a problem with this.

      Who leaves boxes of ammo outside of their safe?

      I’ll answer that for you. Those responsible for their child’s accident.

  • Robert

    I feel more embarrassed that some of my fellow gun shooting brethren don’t have a sense of humor, more than Hornady making these in the first place.

    Lighten up Francis.

  • JC

    So, if they specifically tell you it’s not for self defense or hunting, then what is it for? It seems a little expensive for target shooting/ plinking. I wonder if the bullets are any different from their normal ammo?

    • Brian P.

      Honestly, I doubt they’re any different from their normal stuff. The only difference I’ve seen is that the rifle bullets have bright green tips.

      • Matt G.

        The standard FTX critical defense rounds have a nickel plated case as well. I’ll be interested to hear from hornady what else may be different about this ammo.

      • Joseph Hill

        just a neon green poly tip . stop crying.I can’t believe any body is upset about this .go pay your bills or cut the grass .

  • jaekelopterus

    This is a stupid and irresponisble way to market ammunition.

    • jaekelopterus

      Let me clairify: I will not buy ammunition that is marketed to me like a children’s breakfast cereal. It’s insulting as well as providing extra overhead for me to pay.

  • tincan

    regardless of the worth of this particular ammo, i do think they need to coach their actor/shooter a bit: double taps to the chest are worthless on a zombie!

    • Matt G.

      The acting was lame. Especially the screaming bits.

  • Ken

    At 59 seconds – Is that Rick Perry?

    • International Brotherhood of Zombies

      Ken – No. Even we have our standards.

  • Brian P.

    Oh, that reminds me. What is that custom 1911 the guy’s got in the video?

    • Doubleodoug

      Strayer Voight Infinity, or maybe an STI?

  • International Brotherhood of Zombies

    We are, generally, not amused. Not that we have much of a sense of humor to begin with. You don’t see Axe or Dove or Crest using our members in marketing campaigns, so we don’t have equal representation at all. It’s just “kill all the zombies” all the time and, frankly, it’s tiresome. How would you like it if all we wanted to do was kill humans? Oh, well, ok, that’s what we do (and squirrels) but it’s not our choice…


    I think it’s a brilliant marketing campaign. Please note that the new season of The Walking Dead starts Sunday (on AMC) so I don’t think the zombie marketing is a fluke. Also, Brad Pitt is filming World War Z (or will be when he gets his prop guns back). I will buy a box or three of the stuff. They will make great gifts. And they should be good for zombies.
    — Mark

  • Kidding

    Now we will have other Association,…of zombies; Trying to BAN weapons Thanks Hornady!!

  • swilliams

    I’ve grown tired of the whole zombie thing.

  • Komrad

    I need to know what kind of zombie this is optimized for before I buy any. Is this light recoiling, precision ammo for Night of the Living Dead type zombies? Or is this higher powered ammo for effective use against much faster 28 Days Later Zombies? Or is it a dual purpose load that balances ballistics for effective use against both types?
    My principles do not allow me to purchase this ammo until I know what I’m buying!

  • abprosper

    Only in America.

    • Joseph Hill

      we are still free , you ain’t from around here are ya boy? I don’t see americans swimming to any other countries . the 2nd amendment is not a fad and guns ain’t going any where .glad I’m not you.

  • JT

    The whole zombie thing really is starting to get annoying.

    Every time I hear somebody invoke the zombie thing when they talk about guns, they might as well be saying:

    “I like guns…BUT I’M NOT A WIERDO”

    Just own up to it. You’re a regular person, but you have guns as a hobby. And this isn’t Sarah Brady’s decade as was the case in the 1990’s. If enough people are upfront about their shooting hobby, then with time, people will overcome their brainwashing and start seeing shooters as normal people.

  • JamesD
    • Matt G.

      Thank you for the link. Very funny interview.

    • jaekelopterus

      In light of the Oslo shooting and respect for the amendment that comes BEFORE the second, maybe you shouldn’t make “jokes” about firing a rifle into a crowd of people with whom of don’t agree. Maybe you shouldn’t compare them to “roaches” and fantasize about murdering them.

  • Brian

    How does this compare to their other defense ammo?

    OBTW the Zombie’s are here already. Haven’t you seen the “Occupy” zombies on TV. They were going to attack a cleaning crew today when they started to move in and clean private property. Real humans wouldn’t turn away a cleaning crew that would clean up after you for no expense to yourself……LOL

    My first wouldn’t be to use this ammo for those zombies, but I would setup a job fair next to the “Occupy” and they would scatter like roaches…LOL

    • jaekelopterus

      In light of the Oslo shooting and respect for the amendment that comes BEFORE the second, maybe you shouldn’t make “jokes” about firing a rifle into a crowd of people with whom of don’t agree. Maybe you shouldn’t compare them to “roaches” and fantasize about murdering them.

      • Matt G.

        Jaek, are you quite sure you should be allowed back on the Internet just yet? go to the nice nurse behind the plexiglass window at the end of the hall and ask the nice lady to up your dosage because you are imaging comment posts that didn’t happen.

        Nevermind. I checked your other posts and see that you are in fact trying to be a troll.

  • Jake

    I’m really sick of the whole zombie thing too. This is going way too far. They’re not real. I’m annoyed at hornady for making this.

    What’s next? Tooth Fairy bullets? Dragon hunting rounds?

    • Chris

      Now I am wondering what kind gun would be used for dragon hunting…. Some kind of truck mounted light AA thing? Quad mounted .50 cal machinegun?

    • Naw, you would need a .50 “Beowulf” to bring down a dragon. Pun intended.

      • Máté


    • Oooh, I want some Dragon hunting rounds!

    • Tori

      I’m willing to buy into fun packaging, if the contents were something I’d buy anyway and they didn’t cost more.

      I for one hope they come out with a few other kinds of rounds, just in case… Particularly silver… I haven’t found a source for real silver bullets; I don’t reload myself so that’s out. A good thing to have on hand, IMO, just in case lycanthropes or vampires attack.

      Legends very often start somewhere. Just because we haven’t seen one and a while and they make absolutely no sense doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared, right?

    • Brian

      Dragon rounds would be pretty cool, but might be hard to get because I’m thinking it would involve something in a 20MM depleted uranium round to get past all those thick scales. Not to mention them having to develop the “Dragon Max Antiaircraft Battery” 😉

  • TangledThorns

    Sounds really cool and I expect a Hornady to make a lot of money off this however I can the anti-gun folk using this against the industry.

  • Lych muhcak

    People are so incredibly stupid. You do realize that a zombie apocalypse will never happen!!!!! A real apocalypse maybe, but there’s no way the human body can reanimate itself and walk around without eating or drinking water etc…. Plus zombies are not well thought out. Why don’t they attack each other??? Do they have some kind of zombie IFF? Is their heart still beating ? If it was chest shots would work if it doesn’t how the he’ll do they move!!! I’m sooooooo sick of this zombie fad.

    • Máté

      It’s still just a joke. Also, they were pretty well thought in 28 Days/Weeks later.

    • JamesD

      A zombie apocalypse can’t happen?
      Crap, now I know why the neighbors are looking at me funny.
      All the zombie killing machines in my yard must scare the heck out of them!

    • that other guy

      it’s just hornady critical defense rounds in in a funny packaging and with small cosmetic differences in the ammo itself. according to the ballistics on the boxes it is the same as the other. its just funny. take a breath.

    • Draven87

      Technically, you are wrong on every level. And Hornaby is as well. A zombie can exist. The undead, however, is far likely to not.

      A Zombie is NOT the undead. A zombie is just a mindless drone that works off of primal instincts, be it because of drugs, mental defect, etc… They can exist. You ever see somebody do heroin? There’s a couple pills out that do it too. Just put you in a state of being a zombie.

      The undead (or living dead) are the one’s you refer to. They come back to life after death, feed on humans, and cause property value to decrease dramatically.

      So when you go off on your crybaby rants, at least know what you are talking about.

  • MadMann135

    If Hornady made Anti-Zombie ammunition that means that it was tested… on Zombies… then means Zombies are real.

    For the novelty this is a perfect marketing move, and besides a little well placed comedy in the firearm industry has been long overdue.
    I like the idea and plan to work on getting a few boxes.

  • Joseph

    I’m not afraid of guns but I respect them. I enjoy shooting them for recreational purposes and think that some ammo “made for zombies” is a funny idea any human being will understand is in good humor. If you don’t understand that and feel that zombie ammo will make someone suddenly become crazy then I think you need to consider you’re probably the best candidate for losing your mind and becoming a zombie (pun intended).

    I think it’s about time there was a “zombie load” because it’s just a fun recreational concept. I also would like some silver bullets for werewolves. It’s just fun, shooting is fun– and by now every kid 9 and up understands zombies are a fictional and fun concept.

    Enjoy your day, and don’t become a zombie.

  • Andy from CT

    Wow, people need to lighten the hell up. Ooooooh, guns are not for fun at all. How dare Hornady inject a little fun and humor at this time of year!

    I guess you stick-in-the-mud folks are against trap and skeet shooting? Those aren’t “deadly-serious”.

    Take your metamucil, take a laxitive and unbunch your underwear. PLEASE!

  • DavidL

    They actually exist. This is no joke. In some time, after a frightful economic catastrophe, the civilized world will fall apart. Wars, disasters … They have time, they wait. They will come. Soon. “This generation shall not pass …” You’ll see them sooner than you think … Be prepared, folks, be prepared …

    • Máté

      I’m pretty close to a zombie, when I don’t get my right amount of sleep.

  • Rev. Clint

    ive seen real zombies before, wondering the streets moaning incoherently. They are called the tea party

    • JamesD

      I think Hornady needs to introduce some ammo to for Trolls because those clearly exist. 🙂

      • Matt G.

        Lol! I can just see it now, load it with obnoxiously loud powder with a lot of flash and smoke to help trolls get the attention they so desperately crave.

        Neon color packaging and a really bold font so you can’t ignore the ammo boxes on the shelves even if you want to.

        Mis-spelled labeling claiming false ballistic info on the cartridge.

        It would sell like hot cakes too!

  • vamtns

    I don’t personally like the whole zombie fad\idea\marketing blitz. I don’t buy any of the products, watch any of the shows, and am not interested in it. But that’s me. If you like it and want to buy it, then that’s your choice and I respect that.

  • Just like the video says, never say never. Having a few boxes of this stuff laying around never hurts. I’m sure it would work just fine on targets as well.

  • Buy them first week in November at


    or targetsportsusa.com

  • Tabitha

    So many worried about this being a fun thing. Thinking it undermines safety. “My kids will see the fun box and think its a toy.” By the time i was 4 years old i knew that a gun was a weapon, not a toy. I knew the difference between a real gun and a toy gun. And that it was not something to play with. And we dident even own any guns. Are YOUR kids really to stupid to know these things? Are YOU to stupid to know it? Quit cringing in fear. Quit hiding things from your kids. TEACH your children and raise them properly and you wont have issues.

    • JamesD

      I honestly wonder if a few of the posts are from anti-gun people.

      • payton

        my kids r and they already know how to fire a weapon i thank its a very wise thing to teach your kids how shoot a gun so when the zombies do get here they may save your life the SR22c is the best for a small kid to shoot

    • troll

      “too stupid” , not “to stupid”
      The first refers to a level of stupidity that prevents knowing something, the second is stating a direction.

    • MakarovJAC

      Personally, I don’t like this “toy gun” avertising method. It’s just plain stupid because they thought they’ll sell ammo just by linking the very same ammo to a currently popular franchise.

      What’s so different about this? If zombies happen to be real (stop insisting), is this ammo supperior to others? And since zombie doesn’t show up, what is this ammo good for if it’s supposed to be used against zombies?

      It’s just plain stupid.

  • JamesD

    Don’t forget to back up your zombie ammo with a zombie knife.

  • RS

    I pity the poor blue state homeowner who finds himself in court after using these rounds on an intruder threatening his family.

    Imagine a jury of Obama voters’ opinion on this “humorous” round.

  • Ron Beard

    Guns are not toys. Ammo is not a toy. Yes you can have fun with guns but they should not be made into some sort of joke, not in this day and age of the “anti gunners”. How can you seriously see this as funny?

    • Joseph Hill

      all of you nagging nay sayers of discontent shut up! I know it’s not a toy and your too old to shoot if this ad bothers you . antigunners don’t care what box it came out of .this is a great ad I love it . I’m buying as much as I can before you people get it banned just because you don’t like the box it came in . would you prefer I shoot a criminal with .50 CAL muzzle loader ??? or a SS109 steel penetrator. you may be too old to drive also.

  • Joseph Hill

    just go out and buy it . show support for the 2 amendment , and the N.R.A . or shooting sport of your choice. and stop ruining my life.

  • tinacn

    I agree with the comment from RS. There is NO WAY (unless it was all I had left) I would use this ammunition for self-defense. I am old enough to remember Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the disaster known as “Black Talon” Ammunition (made by Winchester, cirica 1991). The anti-gun crowd took this on with vitriol: anyone putting these “super deadly, designed to inflict maximum pain, suffering and slow, agonizing death” “bullets” in their firearm OBVIOUSLY was fantasizing over torturing and killing someone as soon as they got the chance. Banning this ammunition was proposed in the Congress, and Winchester took it off of the market in 1993 (although Winchester later reintroduced it with cosmetic changes under the names SXT and PDX1). Using a “Black Talon” round to defend yourself in a gun-hostile State would be presented by the Prosecutor as evidence of your derangement and desire to commit murder at your self-defense trial, just like using RELOADS would be: as evil, magical concoctions you put to gether in your “Devil’s workshop” prior to wounding or killing the poor, misunderstood “victim of Society” that was coming at you with a butcher knife or worse. I can see the same exposure in using “ZOMBIE-MAX” Ammunition, especially given Hornady’s own advertizing that states the rounds are for use “ONLY ON ZOMBIES”. Of course WE all get the joke, but there are several thousand prosecutors and tort lawyers out there who would NOT see any humor in this at all. Best to carry some specific ammunition for self defense that a law-enforcement agency in your area uses for their duty weapons. “I use the same “bullets” that the cops carry in their guns” is a fairly convincing argument that you are not a madman to a gun-ignorant jury.

    • Joseph Hill

      I see your point . I guess I under estamate the antigunners motives. But my piont of veiw is that all ammunition is deadly and self defence is natures law. I live in Georgia , we have the castle doctrine . this means I do not have the obligation to retreat any location that I am lawfully allowed to be .but pro gun people should not be yelling from the roof top about this product. I still have several boxes of black talons , and I just purchased these from midway usa. reloading is a hobbie so rounds called wisper , wildcat, beowolf, magnum,special, black out stee lpenetrator. or even .50 caliber muzzle loader .the Judge hand gun ect. are names that go unmentioned. I think the jury is still out on this issue . as a juror I would not have a problem with this product. . so I will get some more just to collect it. I had a chance to see Charlton Heston and Wayne La Piere in Richomd V.A in 2000. he was a great man .

      • tinacn

        Thank you, Mr. Hill. Yes, my son (Sheriff’s Deputy) sent me a box in 40 Short&Weak and asked me to test it and report back. Not sure what media I should test Zombie killing ammo in, but I’ll come up with something. Being an NRA Certified Instructor, I always look to the “lawyer’s take” on any “new” developments in the civilian firearms market, particularly regarding civilian self-defense use of deadly force. Virginia now has a Castle Doctrine, basically stating you have no “duty to retreat” as long as you are in a place where you have a legal right to be and not behaving in an illegal manner. While this helps in keeping one out of prison in the aftermath of a self-defense action, it does little to stop the tremendous expense and cost of defending ones self in a “wrongful death” lawsuit brought by the perpetrator’s family and an all-too-eager tort lawyer. I personally have two insurance policies that would cover any legal self-defense action I had to take, both in up-front costs and in paying out a settlement sould the “plaintiff” prevail in civil court.

  • ant mich

    I cant believe the fuss, but dont worry, Our community is so devided we surely will have a bill passed to stop this marketing freedom. negativity will surely destroy us. You dont have to worry about the zombies. We will destroy ourselves. Anywho ,kudos to Hornady on banking on this before it becomes illegal. Before all these anti-freedom naysayers get their way. I think i will buy every thing but the 40cal, because i dont have one. Support ammo companys like Hornady. support the NRA and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • ant mich

    Nevermind finding this stuff in San Antonio, Texas. Every place is soldout and said goodluck finding it. One Academy was good for 4 boxes of 9mm and another sold me a box of 223, but thats all i found. I hope they didnt stop production. I wanted 308, 45 and 00buck. The 223 looks sweet and would be great for hogs if zombified. Anyways I wouldnt argue to much ,cuz those who want it are going to have a challenge finding it down here. All folks i talked to say it sold before they can put it on the shelf. Well I tried to put my money where my mouth was and got a few stragglers. Maybe its gone before we Texas farmers can get our hands on it. Deerproof fence will have to work till we can get some more. Support the NRA and GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Matt

    I think that this ammo was made as a way to sell ammo that is out of the ordinary and will attract buyers. Any of you die hard bleeding liberals who think other can get the hell off the forum and go sign some more anti gun petitions. i would like to see anyone try to take my guns from me.

    • Jonesy

      Do you need some money to buy a clue? Liberals don’t want to take your guns from you, idiot.

      • payton

        im with u on that note brother they would have to take my guns from my cold dead hands

  • STR8JKT82


  • randy b

    i think this is great stuff! honestly people should respect weapons and ammo, therefore any shooter will have this in their safe rather than just laying around for the wee ones to play with like lincoln logs. its a suprise that someone hasnt made it before honestly.

  • Casey

    Is Zombie Max going to make 270 Winchester ammunition?

  • Alan Walsh

    Bottom Line, it is and should be what we all stand for. Capitalism at it’s best. They are making it because we are buying it. We buy it because we want it. They expect to profit. Don’t like it, don’t buy it. Too expensive, don’t but it. Don’t understand, don’t worry. Just be responsible and respect the fact that I should be able to buy it. If you are in a quandary as to it’s for, you should do the safe thing and get rid of all your firearms and sharp objects. And to the genious who would acknowledge a lack of ballistic information and will use it for his defense round, really? I am not a hypocrite, you are certainly entitled to your opinion. However, maybe you should keep it to yourself. And I hope the rest of us (head will be in direct alignment of the sun) enjoy the fad for quite a while. It will be fun anticipating the next fad. I personally am in favor of getting people out to practice or starting a new interest. I do know that should the day come when I am too old to appreciate the new fad, I would appreciate that we have choices.

  • Joseph Hill

    lets get to the real issue at hand, gun banners are not simply out for guns , pistols, or fire arms of any type. Thier goal it to strip you of the right of self defence period. EXAMPLE , if you are under attack and all you have is knife , screw driver, bat , beer bottle ect. thier view is DO NOT HARM THE ATTACKER OR YOU WILL BE CHARGED WITH ASSAULT , you have no right to self defence. Thier compassion is for the criminal not the victom. Thank God I live in Georgia, we have the castle doctrin law . I do not have to retreat any location that I’m legaly allowed to be in, and if I am attacked If the the threat deems deadly force is requierd then so be it . this is my opinnion all comments are welcome . thanks for the forum .

    • Trilby Ulyanov

      Living in Australia, I know exactly what you’re on about here bro, thank goodness at least (some of) you Yanks still have a moderate degree of security =/ It all comes down to power, those who have it, and those who are threatened by it. If you have yourself in a superior position to an opponent, you don’t let them gain the upper hand. What we have is a situation where the ordinary citizen is powerless against the police, the military, and the people who tell them what to do. As if that isn’t bad enough, there’s just so much indoctrination going around which basically states that an average joe-blow cannot be trusted with the ability to protect himself and his family against violence. It’s a complete disgrace, but I guess that’s the world we live in. Oh the sweet price of apathy.

      • Joseph Hll

        I refuse to be defenseless , and I will own and carry modern battle weapons.Some people believe guns are evil , and even fear holding a gun . I do not understand thier dependance on others to protect them and thier family . if you call the POLICE you still have 45 minutes until they get to you . I also own 5 , CO2 fire extenguishers . To me I feel gun ownership should be mandatory because if my country calls me to war I doubt they will have enough guns for every citizen ……………I will bring my own just in case. Thank you T .U. in Australia. When the POLICE CALL FOR HELP WHO WILL ANSWER …………………..ME.

  • Andrew D. Rikard

    Just came across these during my fairly regular search for news about new ammo. While I generally have the feeling that ammo is ammo, I can’t help but think that the release of this ammo is bad for the shooting sports community in general.

    A ready made talking point for anti-gunners and the media in general. Look at the crazy, paranoid, lunatic fringe gun owners!

    But the real question is: how long before Federal comes out with Vampire or Werewolf loads?

    • Fluffy

      Werewolf loads? Ooh, I can help with that… all you gotta do is get a hollowpoint bullet and fill the hollow with silver. Because silver doesn’t engage well to rifling and you’re going to get an overpriced, fast, light bullet with barely any damage. I’ve been wondering if I could fill the hollow with mercury (I’ve heard werewolves are weak to mercury too) but that just seems silly. Maybe mercury would be better in really, really big rounds…

  • Jack

    It’s just regular ammunition with a colorful box. I got nothing against it, if that’s what the buyer wants.

  • Edward

    Aren’t the lefties the brainless undead? Anyone that would vote for the Obummer has to be brain dead….. Are they the one this ammo is designed for?

    • Kevin

      Am I allowed to say “Screw you, troll”? Because that is what I want to say. I am a liberal gun-owner in California, an English ex-pat who would probably have voted for Obama, but not have minded had McCain won the election in ’08.

      You are attempting to neatly package anyone who does not share your precise political views into a dirty little box, and I would remind you that one size does not fit all. Edward, you are a bigot – there are plenty of “liberals” whose view of the world overlaps with yours in more ways than you can possibly imagine.

      Now go home, disconnect your Internet and wait for the Zombie Apocalypse. It won’t consist of us “lefties”, I can assure you.

      • concerned gun owner

        Kevin, I see that Edward struck a nerve with you. Quit being a little cry baby and you go home and disconnect your internet and wait for Obama to come and take your guns and the rest of your civil rights.

      • If the words “I voted for obama,” or “I’d probably would have voted for obama” leave your mouth than I need to hear no more from anyone’s mouth. That person my friend is a braindead, politically and socially obtuse moron. I hear the queen calling you.

  • Bill

    So not sure where the Zombie Max discussion is, but thought I would provide my 2 cents worth.

    My main pocket carry gun is a Keltec 3AT. I know Keltec says you can shoot +P in that gun as long as you do not do it all the time, but it is a really light gun and I just would feel better about shooting a standard pressure load.

    Following TNoutdoors9 on youtube to help select the best round, of all the .380 stuff he has shot, this is the standard pressure round I feel most comfortable with – actually I should say that the critical defense .380 is the one I feel more comfortable with.

    My local sporting goods store was running a special price on critical defense, but they ran out of the .380 before I could get my hands on any. Having researched it, I know the Zombie Max is the same load with a different color bullet insert, and a brass instead of silver cartridge, but that it is ballistically identical, so I asked them to sell me the zombie max at the Critical Defense on sale price. So I do carry Zombie Max in my .380 because it is the load I want to carry – but I would have preferred the critical defense because I do think the zombie max is a little too jokey for real ammo. But what is most important to me is that I have the ammo I have the most confidence in should I need to pull the trigger. Whether it is a red or green insert in the bullet is of no interest to me.

  • JoeS

    gmax vs vmax about the same ammo they both perform for what you use it for. they both will take down a hog using a 223 with a well placed HEAD SHOT