Beretta A400 Xplor Action

The latest in Beretta’s A400 line is the Xplor Action. Continuing in the Xplor tradition it features its own unique color scheme, a very attractive bronze/brown.

The Action combines the high-tech features of the A400 Xcel Competition shotgun with the hunting configuration of the Xplor Unico and adds scope mount grooves to allow the addition of optics for turkey or deer hunting.

Gun Pod – thermometer, load pressure guage and shot counter
Note the scope grooves machined into the reciever.

Steve Johnson

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  • MarkM

    Load pressure gauge and shot counter? Sure.

    The shot counter alone is old school auto tech, it’s called a knock sensor. Been around since the late ’80’s, runs on computer voltage, and can’t miss a 35K# explosion on the other side of the chamber. Sounds like Beretta is using a thin film pressure sensor, because of the “load pressure gauge” setup.

    Point being, they could easily add that to their Improved Carbine submittal to meet the specs, and give the Army a shot counter with the ARX 160.

    Seen that on a Colt or FN? Did the M9 replacing the 1911 surprise you?

    It could happen again.

  • Burst

    With an extended magazine and a heat shield, this shotgun would be a thing of beauty.

  • Sian

    @Burst can only hope an A400 Tactical (Xterminate? Xplode?) is next.

  • Pedro

    Love that Beretta color scheme.

    A very handsome gun, and looks like good value at around $1800 RRP.

    I suppose that Beretta has learnt a thing or two about firearms after about 500 years experience.

  • Barry McKnight

    Smooth looking Weapon,as expected from Beretta.

  • ALY

    A400 UNICO OR ACTION Still confused of buying which shotgun


    Just hope they have a CAMO version up their sleeves ( or in their minds).