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  • Bob


  • Stefan F

    Will get one myself. Nice and compact

  • Wow. Somehow I was expecting more pieces. I am really, really hoping this thing lives up to expectations…

  • Clodboy

    To me, any of Kel-Tec’s innovative designs possesses more inherent collector’s appeal than the umpteenth “Limited Xth Anniversary YZ Tribute Edition 1911” (featuring a lovingly detailed gold-leaf engraving of Teddy Roosevelt, J.M Browning, a Bald Eagle and Sarah Palin sitting around a poker table) 😉

  • Pickles

    My biggest question is this: does the entire upper rail move with the handguard when it is pumped? Its hard to tell what will slide, and I wonder after seeing the PMR rear site move with the action of the pistol.

  • Mike


  • snmp

    Very nice the Action look like very near to the remington model 17/Ithaca model 37/Steven 350

  • Ole’wolf

    I KNEW I got a bonus for something- half way to the MSRP on their website… okay, I work for cheap SOBs…

  • monty

    Pictures are nice but what I really want is some close up video of this thing in action.

  • michael

    my only question, is it CA legal? i would really like to own this bad boy!

  • Martn (M)

    @ Clodboy, I’d have given you a +1 if you had included Charlton Heston too.

  • BabsControl

    Want badly…

    Is it just me or does this remind anyone else of the shotgun from Halo? Haha

  • Zach

    Pickles, Look at the picture closely. The handguard is the in rear position in this pic, and the rail is still forward.

  • Tom

    Nice! However, I’m starting to think it’s all just a cardboard cutout. Don’t believe me? Try to find a picture of the *left* side of this gun. Go ahead, I dare you…

  • Mu

    Call me the odd man out, but I fail to see the real advantage of a pump bullpup design. Bullpup autoloader with one-hand capability makes sense, in a pump design I’m trading an awkward pumping angle and loss of aim-over-the-barrel for a slightly shorter design limited by SBS rules.

  • SoulTown

    I wonder if it shares any parts with the RFB? It does look very similar…

  • drewogatory

    No way they let us have this in The Peoples Republic of California. Just look how hung up they are on pistol grip stocks ffs.

  • kurgen99


    I was thinking the same thing, and I looked on several gun forums. It seemed agreed that it WOULD be CA legal.

    I really want to see if this is reliable, because I WANT.

  • El Duderino

    Awesome design, can’t wait (well, yeah, I guess I actually can).

    Need some help with their website though, they describe the KSG as a “12 gage.”

  • jdun1911

    Kel-Tec KSG is pump action? I figure it’s auto. If it is pump action I suggest trying it out on the range before buying.

  • zip22
  • Bob
  • Bill Lester


    Your wish is my command. Video of some early test firing.

    Pump length looks pretty short but recoil looks pretty hefty.

  • zack

    In the video the KSG look almost too short. That magnum shot looked like it would knock the corn out of your shit.

    Must have!

  • jdun1911


    I didn’t know it was pump. I figured it is auto. That change my perspective on it. People should try it out before buying.

  • Andy from CT

    Mu, I’ll be putting an Eotech on mine and using a VFG. I don’t think there will be any issues aiming it or cycling the action.

  • Nadnerbus

    From my limited knowledge of Cali Law, it should be legal. It’s not a semi auto, so it doesn’t fall under California assault weapon legislation, and it is new so it hasn’t been named on any lists yet. They already sell pistol grip pump actions in Cali with no restrictions except the usual federal barrel length and overall length restrictions.

    As far as guns in California, you can now buy just about anything non federally regulated as long as it’s not already named on the ban list (make and model), and if it’s a semi auto, has a bullet button or some other fixed magazine system, or has had all “evil features” removed. Saw an ACR and a SCAR (pinned stock for overall length of more than 30 inches) with bullet buttons for sale a while back.

  • AnointedSword

    Must have one to put it through fire. If it functions, might get 2 or 3. 🙂

  • Mu

    Andy, I’m sure it works nice with a Eotech and that you can cycle well, but to me, the big advantage of a pump action is that I can do my pump motion and my pointing the gun in one fluid motion, stretching the arm towards the target. With this short a design the elbow never extends past 90 degrees, forcing you to separate the loading/aiming step into two. Probably just a learning process as with all new mechanisms.

  • gunslinger

    Interesting videos. I would have to try before i buy, but it looks cool. After seeing the guy with the VFG, it looked like he was smashing his left hand against the front of the trigger guard. that could be painful.

    with the mag shell, recoil should be “larger” by the physics of it. the bulpup design cause loss of weight in the stock by placing the barrel in the stock. so you may lose a pound or two (or whatever) so that will play a factor into what kind of momentum is being thrown around.

  • McDonelb

    Some of the videos with the vfg on it make cycling the KSG look even more awkward since you would have to rotate your hand or wrist around the grip as you pulled it back.(Go ahead do the motion in the air) While using it without a forward grip its not long enough to be comfortable.(or safe too use with the muzzle being so close) However if you were to use a grip like Magpul’s angled forward grip it seems like your hand would be in a pretty good position to cycle it while maintaining a positive grip. With the dual magazine tubes this would be a potent combat weapon, switching from 7 rounds of buckshot to 7 rounds of slug with the flip of a switch. This matched with an Eotech would be an excellent home defense or patrol weapon, where a compact size without loss of lethality puts it far ahead of most others.

  • Tim

    Was looking at the Mossberg 500 & 500 Tactical, but when I saw this, I creamed my jeans. I want!


    Tim – then the desired result is achieved: freezing the market. Many people who may be contemplating a purchase will wait until this hits the streets. I know I will. But you’ll probably wait at least a year. I understand it won’t be available until Fall 2011 and they’re only doing an initial production run of 5,000.

    I don’t understand people who are pining for this to be an autoloader. It’s a tactical / HD weapon, not for trap and skeet. Police don’t use autoloading shotguns. No, flamers, I’m not saying they never have in the history of the world, but overwhelmingly, they don’t.

  • Kevin

    CA Legal, ahh no!! They haven’t ruled on it yet probably because they want to see the final iteration, but it’s a shotgun with a pistol grip, that right there is, illegal. Don’t get me wrong, I want one too, and yes the firearm rules here are way overboard, who the hell wants a pacified firearm? I hope I’m wrong about the KSG in California, I really do, it looks awesome! The Kel-Tec KSG with the new FRAG/12 shotshell round, whoa boy!

  • John

    Pistol grips are legal in California for a pump-action shotgun. It has to be 26 inches overall and the barrels has to be 18 inches. According to the specs, this thing is 26.1 with 18.5 inch barrel. So long as it doesn’t hold more than 10 rounds, it would appear to be legal.