Vickers Tactical Training Carbine Videos

Daniel Defense and Vickers Tactical have teamed up to produce a set of training videos. The first in the series is Carbine I and Carbine II. Each costs $40 for the DVD or $50 for the Blu-ray.

These videos are sure to draw comparisons with the Magpul Dynamics videos. I have not seen these yet but I am sure they do things slightly differently than Magpul does and that you will most likely benefit from these even if you already own the Magpul videos.

Carbine I Video Features

* Introduction
* Carbine Selection & Setup
* Basic Manipulation
* Zeroing: Shot Groups
* Shooting Positions
* Reloads
* Maintenance & Lubrication

Carbine II Video Features

* Introduction
* Malfunctions
* Turns
* Switching Shoulders
* Barricades & Use of Cover
* Transitions
* Shooting on the Move

They can be purchased here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Dan

    Even with my massive mancrush on Chris and Travis, this’ll be worth checking out in order to get a second opinion. I’m looking forward to it.

  • If this doesn’t include homo-erotic overtones and burly men with hairy chests exposing themselves I will be very disappointed. Magpul has set the bar pretty high on that front.

  • Al T.

    Hmmm. Those movement techniques look a bit too “square range” for my tastes. Speed is important, but maintaining your footing is a pre-requisite IMHO. Try that “walk fast” stuff in an ally full of trash and you may have to engage your targets from the inadvertent “speed prone” position.

  • SoulTown

    I’m already seeing differences in the trailer; use of 2-point slings, reloading motions, etc. Among other things, Magpul guys are really good at making a case for their way of doing stuff, so it’ll be interesting to see LAV’s rationale for his methods.

  • Steven

    There is a hilarious discussion of this video on the ENDO blog from a few days ago –>

  • Sean

    It’s interesting seeing him shooting the carbine left handed and his pistol right handed. Wonder if he’s right handed but left eye dominant.

  • Luther

    anyone notice half these guys are overweight, haley was force recon and a merc… i have a feeling these guys are just law enforcement doushes…

  • WeaponBuilder

    Yeah, but will he let a sponge-bob wearing printer repairman such as myself buy these videos? ;-D

    J/K. I’m sure they’ll be great videos, and I’m eager to see what additional things I can learn from them.

  • subase

    Flab armour against bullets.