Never get comfortable

Chad emailed in these photos from a recent hunting trip …

I went pig hunting this morning (didn’t see any) but found some bones from a large mammal, cow or horse. I was carrying my Taurus model 66 with a 6 inch barrel loaded with CCI Blazer 158 grain jacketed hollow points.

I backed off about 10 feet and shot the bone. The attached pictures are the results. Entrance and exit wound.

Shooting is my hobby and as we all do I get comfortable. This is a reminder that these things are not toys.

Never get comfortable.

My fifth blog post on The Firearm Blog (back in 2007!) was on this very topic. It seems like a lifetime ago.

Steve Johnson

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  • Jim

    How does this relate to the .22? I know of no 22 round loaded with a bullet greater than 60 grains, much less 158 grains. In any case, the Taurus Model 66 is a 357 revolver.

  • Timmeehh

    That’s a 357 mag not a 22.

  • Doug

    I’m not sure the title and the article match calibers. You are right though we should not underestimate the .22 either.

    • Doug, heh, an embarrassing mistake. Its fixed.

  • Samopal

    Am I missing something? The Taurus 66 is chambered in .357 Mag and I’m fairly certain there is no 158gr .22 ammunition.

    • Samopal, title was wrong (link at the bottom is the .22)

  • subase

    Getting shot by a .22 is like getting stabbing by a screwdriver, doesn’t matter if it goes through bones.

    The damage is very minimal and it would take ages and really good luck for someone to bleedout from such a wound.

  • Mark

    158 grain .22?

  • Steve

    The Taurus 66 is a .38/.357 not a .22 and is definitely not a toy.

  • Santiago

    Hi, I think the article does not refer to 22 LR, but I have to say I was also confused by the “CCI Blazer” ammo. However, if I´m not mistaken, the Taurus 66 is a .357 revolver, maybe using .38 Specials. (Thats the 158 grains mentioned)
    Greetings from Argentina.

  • iMick

    158gr JHP .22s! Where do I get them for my 9422?????????

  • Zach

    Is the point of this article that guns are dangerous, or that a .357 mag doesn’t make much of a hole? I think it’s the latter, but I’m not sure.

    FWIW, I’ve seen raccoons shot with a .357 mag and they didn’t explode or drop dead instantly, they took some time to pass. So I wouldn’t consider that or any handgun round to be a sure thing against large dangerous animals.

  • Sian

    @subase I still wouldn’t volunteer to get stabbed with a screwdriver, despite your claims of low lethality.

  • John

    follow the link to get to the .22 article.

  • AJ

    CCI Blazer is not just 22lr ammunition.

    CCI Blazer is available in multiple pistol calibers as well, I have boxes of CCI Blazer in 40S&W as well as 45acp.

  • Jim

    CCI Blazer is not 22lr ammunition at all.

  • ryan

    I’m actually not so impressed by this considering the HP round did not shatter the bone and instead went straight though. Other than the hole the bone is relatively unharmed:)

  • Redchrome

    The important thing here is that as ryan pointed out, the bone is not shattered. An animal shot this way could go a *very* long way on that bone.

    Repeat after me, there is no magic bullet… there is no magic bullet…. there is no magic bullet…

    (At least not in a caliber any of us would want to carry afield).

  • Please tell me that this was not an FBI, or Treasury load for a .38. Tell me it is a FMJ so I don’t have to cry about all those 4″ .38s I no longer own. Hell, the Mod.19s I have let go, GP100s, ARRRRGH, arrrrgh, snort, argh. Shit. Just tell me, if you know, what type of ammunition was shot through that LEG BONE FROM A COW. Hard cast flat point? Inquiring minds, and all that.


  • Sam Suggs

    living and dead bone are not the same thing bye any standard and first of all shooting pig wasnt a sufficiant reminder of the not a toy deal for ya