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  • MGH

    Those controls look HUGE!

  • EzGoingKev

    I have never seen one in person so please forgive me if I am mistaken but that slide doesn’t look all that tall and combined with the large controls I cannot help but wonder if one might encounter problems manipulating the slide in a high stress situation.

    Also, what is going on with the trigger? It looks really far forward and with that curl to it I wonder if you would have a hard time getting your finger in and out of there.

  • Matt Groom

    It’s hideous AND unreliable! What a combo!

  • I want a full size 75 with a polymer frame, alloy or Titanium slide, and a double action trigger.

  • M. Werner

    Wow, is that one ugly pistol. Hopefully they just forgot to put the right-colored dye in the polymer mix….

  • Dr. Feelgood

    I still don’t understand it. The polymer frame only saves 1.6 oz of empty weight over the alloy-framed P01, but still manages to compromise the excellent CZ ergonomics while having a slightly larger pistol overall with a shorter barrel. The only apparent advantages of the P07 are price and capacity (+2). I regularly preach the CZ gospel, but the P07 manages to turn me off every which way.

    Then again, I still can’t get the feel for polymer guns. The grips are all terrible (Why do they have corners? My hand doesn’t have corners.) with the exception of the Taurus PT24/7 Pro, which I wouldn’t carry anyway. Even the much-touted XDM rubs me wrong–somehow it gives crazy hotspots while feeling slick in all the wrong places. Glocks are right out.

  • Bill Lester

    I love the CZ-75 but these leave me very cold.

  • Carl

    The slide looks like it sits inside the frame. This is rather unusual with polymer guns I think. I’ve read that this will make it more accurate, but I don’t really know why this would be…

    I would guess that the main reason why polymer grips are square (ish) is because they are trying to be as small as possible (so many sizes of hands can use them) while still having room for the magazine (which is square).

    Get one of those hogue rubber sleeves if you have such tremendous problems with the grip. Or just shoot more and get used to it…

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Or my favorite solution, buy a metal gun 🙂

  • Bill Lester


    The slide rails do fit inside the frame, as opposed to the vast majority of pistols that are designed in the reverse. IMO the accuracy advantage is largely theoretical. I’ve shot several CZ-75’s over the years, full-size version as well as a pocket-size RAMI, and found them to be no more or less accurate than comparable pistols. What does set them apart for me is feel and handling.

    Dr. Feelgood,

    I concur with your treatment plan.

  • Carl

    Sure, but everything else equal chances are you’ll have room for fewer rounds in the magazine with a metal frame+grip sides.

  • Dr. Feelgood

    Bill, I think the accuracy advantage is actually a follow-up-precision advantage. Theoretically, the slide-in-frame design provides a relatively lower bore axis which is supposed to improve controllability. I have noticed that I don’t hit better or worse, but I do hit the same a little bit faster.

  • phonyshowoff

    I think CZs make some of the finest quality firearms. But since they are not as well known as say Glock, HK, and other poly frames makers, they are often reguarded as junk. Go shoot one of these and then tell me what you think of them. I think many of you will find this to be on the same level if not better, as “top” brands, but without the hefty price, of say an HK, and the ugly Ergos, of say a Glock.

  • Mac12782

    I have one of these and its a damn fine pistol. One of the most comfortable and accurate I’ve shot to date.

  • noam26

    Those controls look HUGE!I have never seen one in person so please forgive me if I am mistaken but that slide doesn

  • Wayne

    Hi Gang,
    I’m not new to pistols by a long shot. Own several. My question concerns the CZ 75 compact for my wife. We have looked at several at 2 shops. I and my wife love the hands on feel of the entire pistol…9mm. At both shops we examined 2/75s each……thats 4 example….2/9mm and 2/40cal.
    Here’s the question I asked both clerks: Does this pistol come with a crowbar
    to open the slide. Both clerks and I had a serious issue with the slide moving to the rear/open position…..or any rearward movement of hte slide was a serious effort.

    I see (have read) several reviews by both owners and gun review professionals indicating that the slide is an issue but loosens up after 300 rounds or so.

    I would appreciate your comments with a “pooling” of past comments made by all. A summary of comments concerning any and all “hard to pull slide back” comments from you would be appreciated. I love the looks and the quality of cz’s but if I (or my wife) cannot pull the slide back?????????

  • j smith

    I went down to the local gunstore with the intention of buying a steel framed auto. beside the sig 229 was the p07. I t looked funny in the books I had seen it in and I had the same resevations that are mentioned here. well now after feeling it, shooting one, and carring it concealed…wow. perfectly made! and a perfect price too. For the .40c I paid $450.00. sofar 350 rounds later Its been wonderful. And P.S. It shoots great with or without gloves, the trigger guard is large yes, but it works great! THX CZ