CZ 75 P-07 prototypes

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

CZ-USA posted photos on Twitter of two CZ 75 P-07 prototypes. The P-07 is the new polymer version of the CZ 75. It introduced earlier this year.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Wayne Wayne on Feb 22, 2011

    Hi Gang,
    I'm not new to pistols by a long shot. Own several. My question concerns the CZ 75 compact for my wife. We have looked at several at 2 shops. I and my wife love the hands on feel of the entire pistol...9mm. At both shops we examined 2/75s each......thats 4 example....2/9mm and 2/40cal.
    Here's the question I asked both clerks: Does this pistol come with a crowbar
    to open the slide. Both clerks and I had a serious issue with the slide moving to the rear/open position.....or any rearward movement of hte slide was a serious effort.

    I see (have read) several reviews by both owners and gun review professionals indicating that the slide is an issue but loosens up after 300 rounds or so.

    I would appreciate your comments with a "pooling" of past comments made by all. A summary of comments concerning any and all "hard to pull slide back" comments from you would be appreciated. I love the looks and the quality of cz's but if I (or my wife) cannot pull the slide back?????????

  • J smith J smith on Feb 22, 2012

    I went down to the local gunstore with the intention of buying a steel framed auto. beside the sig 229 was the p07. I t looked funny in the books I had seen it in and I had the same resevations that are mentioned here. well now after feeling it, shooting one, and carring it perfectly made! and a perfect price too. For the .40c I paid $450.00. sofar 350 rounds later Its been wonderful. And P.S. It shoots great with or without gloves, the trigger guard is large yes, but it works great! THX CZ