New CZ P07 Duty

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The CZ P07 “Duty” is a new 9mm pistol by CZ that will be launched this year.

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CZ have not yet released the specs of the “Duty” (as it is known). It is polymer-framed DA/SA and features an interchangable decocker/manual safety.

The pistol was designed for law enforcement but I am sure CZ-USA will offer it to civilians.

I will update this post as information becomes available.

Hat Tip: CZ-Zone, THR and CZ Forum

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Alan Alan on Sep 17, 2011

    I have had my po7 for about a year now in 9 mil next to my 75b it is the most accurate out of the box gun i have bought.Going to get in 40s&w soon,as for holsters for people having a hard time finding one go to alabama and my personal favorite is crossbreed holsters. I carry in a crssbreed everyday from the time i get up until I go to bed it is so confortable I dont even know its there.Also anyone interested in buying one sells for about 428 and has free shipping.

  • Boredgimp Boredgimp on Apr 01, 2013

    Hello fellow CZ lovers i have a CZ P-07 Duty and i was working on it and came to the conclusion that i hate the plastic guide rod so i replaced it with a lone wolf Glock 19 guide rod that has the exact same measurements minus the width of the Glock. Has anyone done this or know if if i should just put the original guide rod back on? I'm really hoping I'm not the first to do this lol