H&K / Umarex MP5 A5 and MP5SD .22 Tactical Rimfire

Umarex is also manufacturing .22 LR carbines patterned on the famous MP5 and MP5SD. These carbines features …

  • Metal revievers.
  • Compensators
  • NAVY style pistol grip.
  • Retractable stocks.
  • H&K style diopter iron sights. Adjustable for elevation or windage.
MP5 A5

The A5 model features a standard MP5 forend and a faux suppressor. The MP5SD foreend is modeled on the original SD forend although the suppressor is also just for the look and is non-funcationing. Standard fixed stocks will be able for purchase.

Both these guns will be able to be purchased with either a 10 round or 25 round magazine.

Hat Tip: On Point Supply

Steve Johnson

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  • Vak

    Out of what kind of metal will the receivers be made ? Steel, aluminium or some cheap zinc alloy ?

  • CUrob
  • Jesse

    I don’t understand, how is this going to be any different than the GSG 5?

  • They still hate you…

  • Matt Groom

    Wait, wait, wait. Did H&K sue ATI for importing the GSG-5 because they already had a deal worked out with Umarex to distribute the exact same thing? That’s just shady. Unless they can demonstrate that the Umarex is clearly superior in functionality and accuracy than the GSG-5, I will not be purchasing one, even if it does have H&K’s approval.

  • AK™

    this gun seems mighty familiar..maybe I’ve seen one before.

    Maybe there is a company in Germany that makes one of these?

    German Sport Guns(GSG) maybe?

    /end sarcasm

    Having taken a look at the new GSG model 522,I’d go with the GSG plinker first.

  • John

    I have owned an HK SP89 and now a GSG-5. The fact that there won’t be anymore GSG-5’s after January is the deal cincher for me. You couldn’t have given me one last year. I only want what I am not supposed to have.

  • PuttinDownRange

    What your failing to understand is HK is the orig. creater of the MP5-A3,A5,SD they made the gun like 40 years ago it dosent matter what cal. it comes in it’s still copy right infringing. Besides if any of you knew anything about guns you would know that HK mp5 has been around as the top of tactical weapons for CQB by all countries thats how good they are! GSG has been into making a copy of that gun for 2 years? —->Lets think that through plastic copy or real thing stamped by HK…..GSG isnt GSG anymore thier now ATI because thier stealing! And by the way do not call the ATI-GSG an HK mp5 because it’s not it’s a CLONE!!!!

  • PuttinDownRange

    The diff. between the guns are, Hk been making guns “not just one but 40 diff ones used by global mil.” for how long 70-60 years? And GSG 2-3 years? HK is not plastic, upper and lower are stamped….Lol ATI-GSG is plastic sept trigger parts, bolt-springs and pins, berral..Thier the same price or close. One is the real thing and has been used for mil. sub tactics gun by all countries for over 40 years. The other stolen and made for 2-3 years used by nobody sept people that want a cheap 22lr plinker. Sad thing is it dosent even shoot well it has feed problems and dosent like any other ammo than exp. 22lr ammo. A good gun dosent do that! take my Sig-522 It shot without fail until the feed ramp got so fouled after 1200 rounds! it shoots all 22lr ammo without fail from cheap crap to good subsonic! And rapid fire at 50 yards “fast as you can pull the trigger” was a grouping of 3 Inches. Sorry boy’s Hk is the better gun and better rep. company! Guns and optics are like anything else you get what you pay for and stick to the big names that have been in the game alot longer.

  • HK is the BEST! No arguement whatsoever. Proven by general public, Law Enforcement and Military in the world for years. I totally agree with PuttinDownRange. Two thumbs-up.

  • Kwikk

    A few months late, I know, but after reading above, I feel it necessary to clarify..
    I respect the work H&K does for military and law enforcement around the world, and this post is not intended to flame against H&K in any way.If you feel that it is, please read it again.. The new .22 from H&K may be awesome, but this is solely to attest to the build and quality of the GSG-5 from someone who owns one, and to voice an opinion about the legal fiasco that ensued.
    I do own a gsg-5, and have, on occasion, had the pleasure of tinkering with a mp-5. The GSG-5 came in after much research, and forcing myself to pay upwards of 500 for a plinker .22. I’d never afford the $10K + tag to own the real deal, so hey.. As for the gsg-5, a little more than..”….Lol ATI-GSG is plastic sept trigger parts, bolt-springs and pins, berral..” is metal. The upper reciever itself is metal, as is the sight rail and rear sight. (Odd, when disassembled, it breaks open like a clam shell, does the real mp5 do this?) Overall feel and weight are pretty darn comparable to the real deal. in fact, many review sites validate my claim. You could probably dig up some numbers to put me in my place, but I was pretty happy with it overall. Other than internals, things like the stock, foregrip, and trigger housing are interchangeable from hkparts. As I said, side by side, pretty comparable- you can tell the difference, but the likeness is suprising.

    As for it being a crappy gun that misfires every other round, maybe I got lucky, but it’s probably misfired less than most other .22’s I’ve fired. Wildcat .22 ammo from winchester is real hit or miss in any gun, and I doubt this would be much different. Not much different in quality or price, I took out some thunderbolt ammo, and some CCI.We went through around 200 rounds on day one, and may have had two hiccups. I was VERY pleased with that result. From what I read, it IS pretty picky, and I am put off by the no-go on subsonics- but I won’t lose any sleep over it. As someone said above, it’s a plinker- I’ll never hunt moose with it. If I want to bring a gun that I’m going to run through the mud, and use cheap ammo with, it’s not going to be this one. That’s what the 10/22 in the cabinet’s for.
    If you’re still reading, thanks- apparently I have a lot more to say that I thought I did! German Sport Guns, which is still called that, imported the guns through ATI, an american company, and makes clones of several popular guns. During the production of the gun, it employed several people previously employed by H&K (defectors, I don’t know- maybe). The only proof still around was http://demigodllc.com/articles/gsg-5-mp5-in-22-lr/
    A clone (ripp-off, whatever) yes, but in all fairness, (and this may make a couple people mad) Before buying the gun, I read several places that H&K was aware of this rifle, (and not up in arms about it) long before they decided to sue and bring out their own .22 right on the heels of of a verdict. I personally find it odd that they’d wait to sue until their .22 was ready to go-thereby eliminating the competition (competition bad, monopoly good). I think there’s a shady business term for that, but it’s late and I’m not looking it up. Smart though, imo. I’ll agree- the design was theirs from the get-go, and they had every right to sue, but if it offended them that much, why didn’t they sue before the GSG-5 had been out for so long? All was quiet on the western front until they developed their own .22.
    For what it’s worth, I hope H&K does well with their new little plinker. I’ve got the “ripp-off”, and it’s not a bad one at that.

  • Kwikk

    and yes, I AM aware of the awesomeness and history of the original MP5. The difference- the mp5, made with military and law enforcement in mind, and the gsg-5 – you got it- a replica that was INTENDED for people who wanted a plinker that fired plinking rounds, but looked, and yes, for the most part, feels like as close as most people would get to an MP5 without the price tag and class 3 hoops to jump through. They never claimed otherwise, and no one’s going to take it to war- not if they want to come back, anyway.
    Had GSG come out with a 9mm clone, I’d be singing a completely different tune, and would be mud slinging at GSG, too.

  • me

    well, as i see it, it isnt a competition against GSG and the original HK, cause GSG would definately loose. The problem is Hk just gave the license to UMAREX, so they won money from sales, and umarex won reputation and publicity. So, the real question is, which quality is better, UMAREX, or GSG???(which i dont know and would be glad to)

  • Samopal

    If the quality of these is anything like what Umarex built for Colt I’ll be keeping far away.

    Every time Umarex (which I believe is first and foremost an airsoft company) is hired to churn out licensed rimfire clones they turn out like crap. Colt hired them to build their “M16” clones after S&W hit the market with the M&P15-22. The “Colt” M16s are overpriced garbage and only sell for the brand name.

    It’ll be the same thing with these, I know it. H&K didn’t have a problem when these first came in but now that they know they can make a quick buck by churning out sub-par copies of their own they want to rid themselves of the competition.

    Nevertheless I’ve only heard good things about the GSG…if I feel the need for a .22 MP5 clone I’ll find one of theirs on the used market.

  • Jakes

    Hi, I own a GSG5, short barrel version. (legal in my country) I haven´t tried it too much, around 700 rounds. It worked quite good. I bought the “Colt” M4 and sold it quickly.. I have a Sig 522 but only shot 100 rounds through it, didnt like its weight. (the rest is good) The GSG5 seems a better option when you want to carry a small package.

    What I just wanted to say is that, isn´t it clear that GSG is making the gun for Umarex??? Perhaps Umarex bought GSG (please tell me), I don´t know. Both guns are almost the same thing, no one is going to invest in tooling and people to build something already being made…

    HK saw the opportunity, sued GSG, launched their own version, “made by Umarex”, and got a piece of the cake without doing much.

  • Cougar

    I have a GSG-5 and two GSG-5SD’s. Have fired the 5 with no feeding or shooting problems at all, including 63gr sub sonic. Just got the SD about a month ago and haven’t had a chance to try them. So far, extremely happy with the guns.

    As for the HK, it’s MADE by Carl Walther (recognise the name?) in Germany and imported/SOLD through Unamax in the US. Similar to GSG and ATI.

  • frank r

    Just curious as to how powerful the mp5 a5 is, muzzle velocity etc. (i know its only a .22)

  • David Wright

    First off, the GSG-5 was a plastic gun that looked like an air soft gun modified to a 22lr, by adding some alloy bolt and steal barrel!!!! H&K did their homework on this gun and had it in the works with Carl Walther Germany before German Sports even had a design, then they drop out an modified AIRSOFT PLASTIC RECEIVER that clearly coppied the MP5, so yeah, I would have SUED the S#$% out them. ATI is a horrible company to begin with, they imported a bunch of S. Korean AKM 75 rd drums, I personaly went threw 7 drums, ALL BROKE some came broken in box!! Umarex is only the importer, H&K went to Carl Walther to make this weapons system for them because they wanted A HIGH QUALITY WEAPON. Carls bin making blowback small caliber firearms since the mid 30’s. Remember the P-38 or P-1 9mm pistols, or James Bonds beloved Walther PPK in 9mm Kurtz(380 auto) all Carl Walthers designs!!!! H&K is known for high quality, thats why so many millitary’s and law enforcment agencies use their weapons. So as it goes YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, I bought the H&K MP5-SD in 22lr, over 5000rds 1 failure to fire, but good primmer strike, typical cheap 22lr ammo. I own a gun shop, and have sold both, GSG’s are toys, H&K are the real deal!! And yes I have bin all up in many class 3 MP5’s, back in the 1990’s I broke in new barrels and serviced the local DEA’s fellas class 3 suppressed mp5’s.

  • Dee

    H&K iron, GSG plastic, no contest, case closed.

  • Dee

    Oh, I forgot to say that H&K WON. Again, case closed.

  • adam v

    just got my H&K (walther) mp5 22lr and i must say im very impressed with the overall quality and reliability of the weapon.
    i did my research and it paid off, just put 1k rounds through the gun and only one malfunction (bad 22 round).
    the build quality is what i would expect from walther, very durable and sturdy. good weight and no play anywhere but with the mag and magwell.
    cleaning isint exactly easy. basic disassemble is simple and quick but detailed separation of the reciever and bold carrier for detailed cleaning involves and allen wrench and about 20mins.
    but for $500 i fell like im robbing Umarex/walther/HK for this awesome piece of equipment.
    it feels like it will last long enough to pass on to the children someday, and im not even a parent, lol
    i just hope they come out with some higher capacity mags, 25 rounds just isint enough 🙁

  • volf1

    i have recently aquire two walther mp5 22 i had looked at the gsg but it is not the gun the walter is i bought them to train with to cut the cost of using 9mm in the real mp5

  • jerrellmills

    how is fake suppressor attached to barrel of umarex MP-5?

    • Cooper

      The barrel which goes all of the way through the faux suppressor is threaded on the end to allow it to screw on.