H&K / Umarex MP5 A5 and MP5SD .22 Tactical Rimfire

    Umarex is also manufacturing .22 LR carbines patterned on the famous MP5 and MP5SD. These carbines features …

    • Metal revievers.
    • Compensators
    • NAVY style pistol grip.
    • Retractable stocks.
    • H&K style diopter iron sights. Adjustable for elevation or windage.
    MP5 A5

    The A5 model features a standard MP5 forend and a faux suppressor. The MP5SD foreend is modeled on the original SD forend although the suppressor is also just for the look and is non-funcationing. Standard fixed stocks will be able for purchase.

    Both these guns will be able to be purchased with either a 10 round or 25 round magazine.

    Hat Tip: On Point Supply

    Steve Johnson

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