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  • jody

    can anybody tell me what the hitman uses in “no country for old men”? it appears to be a sound suppressed semi-automatic shotgun.

    but i’ve never even heard of, let alone seen on the internet, a real one.

    is it just a movie weapon?

  • Dom

    jody – I was going to bring up that movie, too. That was the first time I had heard of this company. When it comes right down to it suppressing a shotgun is a tricky proposition. I think only a country like the UK – with a strong firearms tradition among its people and a strong paternalistic tradition in its government – could need this enough to bother.

    Anyway, this company had come up in discussions of the movie because Anton Shugur appeared to be using a silenced shotgun. But the conclusion the forum came to – and I think the specs from this company back this up – is that what he had was just a custom movie weapon. Suppressed shotguns do exist, but they are completely different in construction and performance from what was portrayed in that movie.

    Also, the other thing he had was a cattle stunner. And a lucky quarter, Friendo.

  • c trapp

    look at

    There it is denoted as “Remington 11-87”

  • c trapp

    After actually reading the article in the imfdb, it seems that the gun in the movie was a prop. Anyway, when questions about guns in movies arise, the is a valuable resource.

  • Clodboy

    The gun used by Chigurh is most likely a Remington 1187 (not the only slightly anachronistic gun in the movie); the suppressor is a non-functional prop (it would have to be much larger to dampen a 12 gauge, as evidenced by the huge muzzle flash produced when Chigurh fires it).

  • Jesse

    Jody I believe it was a Beretta 390 which wasn’t actually in production during the time the movie was supposed to take place. I also believe that the silencer would have needed to be much longer than his was in the movie, in most cases shotgun silencers in a pump or semi auto shotgun tend to be as long as the barrel nearly doubling the length of the gun.

    From what I understand the thump sound the gun makes in the movie is somewhat accurate to an actual silenced shotgun but I could be mistaken about that one too.

  • Matt Groom

    I think it was a Remington model 1100 in “No Country”. I find it terribly ironic that a country that bans self defense and sees handguns as being more dangerous than nuclear weaponry allows you to own a 12 gauge pump action shotgun WITH A SUPPRESSOR ON IT. Nothing dangerous about that!

    If I could only have one gun, it would likely be a 12 gauge pump, probably a Mossberg 500. If I could have a can on it, I’m pretty sure I’d be quite content!

  • Clodboy

    I don’t think a suppressed shotgun is nearly as “evil” as the movie No Country for Old Men would have you believe.

    It makes the gun excessively long, you most likely need to shoot very light loads, and even then it won’t be truly “silent”.

    The philosophy behind these is most likely the essential British motto, “What will the neighbours think?” 😉 – a suppressed shotgun on the range will generate less noise that might possibly irritate your neighbours.
    Other European countries also allow for silencers in areas where gunshot noise is problematic, such as pest control on graveyards.

    That is, of course, no reason why the British shooters shouldn’t savor the moment when for once, they get to shoot something their American friends can only drool about :p

  • Carl

    Suppressors don’t make guns more dangerous, so it makes sense that they should be legal. One shouldn’t be required to sacrifice one’s hearing in a self defense situation.

  • Brando

    I remember talking to the owner of Gemtec about shotgun suppression a couple years back. He laughed and said something akin to “the day I need to make shotgun suppressors because of demand is probably the day I quit the suppressor biz”.

  • Lurker

    I have held and fired a suppressed Mossberg 590, and have seen fired a suppressed Remington 1100. As noted above, the size of the suppressor (as well as the noise – the action of a semi auto shotgun still makes quite a clatter) is entirely inaccurate.

    However the sound of the actual firing as depicted is fairly accurate, the suppressors I have seen fired made an odd ringing sound, and on the pump action 590 was surprisingly quiet.

    I have also seen (didn’t get to see it fired) a “home work shop” made suppressed Remington 890. That suppressor was designed to fire slugs, and was reputed to be rather quiet. It was also fairly large (both in diameter and length), almost to the point of being unwieldy.

    I’d always wondered where the other two came from, maybe it was this firm.

  • Vitor

    According to the book (No Country is book that became a movie…), his supressor seems to be custom made.

  • william

    ok so basicly its like this anton chigurh in the movie no country for old men used a scilenced remington 1100 scincer the movie was based in 1980 ……first things first insane movie story and everything anton useing the remington 1100 was the best part . but sadly everything about the weapon useing a scilencer is false ( sorry ) now if you put a scilencer on a semi auto shotgun it wont cycle the next shell . so one shot miss your screwd . now a scilencer that small wouldnt do a thing mabye a little but not effective as it sounded in the film . useing a lighter round again will lessen the sound but the shell wont cycle and your screwd if you need more then one shot ( anton , shot 5 consecutive rounds durring the scence where he killed the 3 mexican .sick sceen but again fake ……… good movie sweet gun idea but for the scilencer to work they should have put it on a remington 870 which is a pump shotgun .

  • Need information on a suppressor for a 12 gage, 870 rimington with a 20 inch barrel.Cost, size weight and how to instal.