Suppressed Shotguns

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

SayUncle found a British company that makes suppressors for shotguns, including double barrel guns!

I once saw a suppressed semi-auto 12 gauge shotgun on display at a gun store. I remember being very impressed by the size of the can.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • William William on Nov 19, 2009

    ok so basicly its like this anton chigurh in the movie no country for old men used a scilenced remington 1100 scincer the movie was based in 1980 ......first things first insane movie story and everything anton useing the remington 1100 was the best part . but sadly everything about the weapon useing a scilencer is false ( sorry ) now if you put a scilencer on a semi auto shotgun it wont cycle the next shell . so one shot miss your screwd . now a scilencer that small wouldnt do a thing mabye a little but not effective as it sounded in the film . useing a lighter round again will lessen the sound but the shell wont cycle and your screwd if you need more then one shot ( anton , shot 5 consecutive rounds durring the scence where he killed the 3 mexican .sick sceen but again fake ......... good movie sweet gun idea but for the scilencer to work they should have put it on a remington 870 which is a pump shotgun .

  • Dennis Dennis on Jan 12, 2011

    Need information on a suppressor for a 12 gage, 870 rimington with a 20 inch barrel.Cost, size weight and how to instal.