CAA Remington 870 / Mossberg 500 Stock and Forend

Command Arms Accessories have developed a new Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 stock and forend.

Picture 6-28

The stock features a collapsible M4-style stock, pistol grip, aluminum buffer tube and picatinny rails for optics. There also appears to be a rail on the side of the stock, although I am not sure what could be attached there.

Picture 5-27

On a Mossberg 500

The new forend features a lower rail, which could be used to mount a forward handgrip, and side rails for lights or lasers. I like the grip design.

Picture 4-37

CAA are selling the stock for $199.99 and the forend for $59.99. Mossberg kit here, Remington kit here.

Hat Tip: Tactical Life

Steve Johnson

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  • Thomas

    The rail on the side of the stock is for attaching of the adjustable cheek piece. 🙂

  • aczarnowski

    I’d like it better if that forend side rail was molded in and they smoothed out the rest. I wouldn’t look forward to spending a day training with that cheese grater.

  • Will

    Isn’t that photo of a Mossberg?

    • Will, well spotted! They had the photo on the rem page, but it turns out the kit is available for both the 500 and 870. I have updated the page,

  • wes

    holy cow is the trigger seriously that far away from the grip?

  • woodfiend

    Yeah that looks awful to shoot. Good spot on the trigger!

  • JIM

    The stock rails are for a spare AR mag, although I have rarely seen that part for sale

  • Valhalla

    I’d think you could put on some sort of extra shell carrier, that wasn’t made of nylon webbing…

  • Cymond

    I admit that I don’t own a Mossberg 500 (yet), but isn’t the safety on the top-back of the receiver? Exactly under that area that’s now covered with polymer … how does that work?

  • Brad


    You are right about the position of the safety on the Mossberg. I doubt the new pistol grip stock blocks the safety, just for reasons of product liability.

    But even so, a pistol grip stock places the hand in an extremely inconvenient position for using the Mossberg safety. For that reason alone I wouldn’t use such a stock on a Mossberg.

    On the other hand the Mossberg safety is very convenient to use with a conventional stock and is easily observed to verify safe condition.

  • illuzion30

    They should make something like that for Rem 700s (something you can put AR grips and buttstocks on).

  • Mike

    Has anyone used or know of a good recoil reducing stock for the mossburg 500? Without paying $250. Any comments appreciated.

  • shane

    Where can I find a CAA Mossberg 500 Stock and Forend. Please e-mail me at