CAA Remington 870 / Mossberg 500 Stock and Forend

    Command Arms Accessories have developed a new Remington 870 and Mossberg 500 stock and forend.

    Picture 6-28

    The stock features a collapsible M4-style stock, pistol grip, aluminum buffer tube and picatinny rails for optics. There also appears to be a rail on the side of the stock, although I am not sure what could be attached there.

    Picture 5-27

    On a Mossberg 500

    The new forend features a lower rail, which could be used to mount a forward handgrip, and side rails for lights or lasers. I like the grip design.

    Picture 4-37

    CAA are selling the stock for $199.99 and the forend for $59.99. Mossberg kit here, Remington kit here.

    Hat Tip: Tactical Life

    Steve Johnson

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