Para GI Expert photos

Reader tehmino emailed me photos of his new Para-Ordnance GI Expert pistol. The GI Expert is a new entry level 1911 from Para USA. Click to expand the photos. UPDATE: tehmino has modded his pistol, which I should have realized (It was a late night), I have added a couple of photos of a non-modded below (Thanks Todd and Caleb, for the correction).

3-14-09 008-1

3-14-09 013-1

3-14-09 011-1

From GunBroker with a “buy now” of $529.


Photos of newly released gun “in the wild” are also better than those marketing photos. If you are the proud owner of a gun launched in the past 6 months, please email me some high-res photos for the blog.

Many thanks to tehmino for the photos.

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  • Jesse

    How much does an entry level pistol from Para-Ordinance cost?

  • Liam


    That is pretty, how am supposed to sleep after seeing this. Thanx

  • I think I want one of those, but does it HAVE to have a full length guide rod?

  • vince


  • Charles Solar

    I have one of these. It is a very good looking pistol. I have not taken it out to shoot it,yet.
    The price for mine was 489 plus tax. That is a little over 519.00. Glad to
    see Para make a pistol for about the same as Springfield’s GI model. Though it is not exact, it can be modified for very little to look like a
    I bought some parts to modify the one I have. Hopefully will have them installed before too much longer. I’m going to keep the sights(better for
    old eyes) and the trigger. Will also keep the hammer. Looking forward to
    shooting it. This not the only Para I own. I have 4 more.

  • Hoss

    I just picked one of these up 2 weekends ago for 529.99 + tax, I have already ran 500 rounds through it, the gun fires great and is very accurate with good rounds.

  • CML

    I have been interested in a 1911 style pistol for some time. I like the way the Para GI and the Springfield Mil-Spec look. I was wondering if anyone has un-biased thoughts of the two? I have read articles and comments on the web but few and far between. I am looking for a reliable feeding and shooting sidearm that doesn’t have alot of hang ups. The price on both are very reasonable.

  • Mike R.

    Do you know, or can you possibly find out, what sizes I need to replace the front and rear sights on a Para GI Expert? I recently purchased one, and while the factory sights are very good I would like to install some sort of night sights. That way my Para will do double duty as both a range and defense weapon. Any info would be _greatly_ appreciated.


    Does anyone know what belt and holster i can buy to be able to handle the gigantic double stack para 14.45 lda ss. it is freakin heavy, however beautiful

  • Charles Solar

    I do believe any holster that will fit the full size 1911 will also fit any of the double stack models. They are the same gun except for the double stacked

  • Mike

    The latest Para GI Expert models are coming nitrided (think Glock’s tenifer) from the factory. That’s very innovative for a 1911.