Para GI Expert photos

    Reader tehmino emailed me photos of his new Para-Ordnance GI Expert pistol. The GI Expert is a new entry level 1911 from Para USA. Click to expand the photos. UPDATE: tehmino has modded his pistol, which I should have realized (It was a late night), I have added a couple of photos of a non-modded below (Thanks Todd and Caleb, for the correction).

    3-14-09 008-1

    3-14-09 013-1

    3-14-09 011-1

    From GunBroker with a “buy now” of $529.


    Photos of newly released gun “in the wild” are also better than those marketing photos. If you are the proud owner of a gun launched in the past 6 months, please email me some high-res photos for the blog.

    Many thanks to tehmino for the photos.

    Steve Johnson

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