Para GI Expert 1911

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The GI Expert is a new entry level .45 1911 pistol from Para USA.

A 1911 for the 21st Century – it feels like an old friend, the one that the company armorer worked over for you to earn your Expert Marksman’s badge. Using new millennium technology Para has built you a production .45 that is silky smooth with a crisp, clean trigger that makes you the best shot you can be.

Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel: 5 inches, stainless steel
Twist: 1 in 16 inches, left-hand
Action: Single-action, Semi-automatic
Sights: Dovetail Fixed, 3-White Dot
Receiver: Carbon Steel
Trigger: Medium length
Hammer: Skeletonized Spur
Magazine: 8-round with removable base pad
Weight: 39 ounces
Finish: Covert Black Para Kote™
Stocks: Checkered Polymer
Safeties: Slide Lock, Internal Firing Block, Grip
Additional Features: Lowered and flared ejection port, beveled magazine well, flat mainspring housing, grip safety contoured for spur hammer

The introductory MSRP is $599.

More info here.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Scott Scott on Sep 11, 2012

    I recently purchased the GI Expert and I really like the gun. It is VERY accurate right out of the box.

    Two issues though:

    1. The sights are 3-White Dot which are very easy to see and I like them. Oddly enough though on the first trip to the range the paint in the dots fell out of 2 of the three dots. I called Para about it, they offered to fix it but suggested that if I wanted to I fill the dots with some acrylic paint and it would have the same effect. I chose this route as I didn't want to be with out the pistol I was having fun (mostly) with. The 3rd dot fell out on the next trip to the range. So, at this point all 3 dots have been repainted by me and I am no longer having an issue there. It was an odd issue, but I am currently happy with the current status of this problem.

    2. FTF issue from day one has existed. I bought this gun new so I was surprised to have this problem. But, every gun is different and some just need to be broken in. The FTF issue is the round is almost making it into the barrel but not fully feeding in. It will finish feeding if I jolt the hand holding the pistol, I don't have to touch the pistol at all to get it to feed the rest of the way. I have put about 800 rounds through it now and it happens less than it used to but it is still happening.

    Now, I read quite a few of these comments today prior to calling Para about possible solutions to my problem and so I was expecting to have to pay for shipping and what not if it came to that.

    I called about 10 minutes ago now, and after describing the problem the CSR suggested I send it to them and then asked for my contact info so he could send me a fedex shipping label. He said they would pay for shipping and that the estimated turn around time right now is 2-3 weeks.

    It was a simple as that. No fuss no muss.

    Clearly I would prefer to not have these types of issues, but it seems that they have made some changes to their policy at least. At this point I am assuming that this will have a positive outcome, and right now I don't have a reason to think it won't.

    Hopefully this will resolve my FTF issues. I just wanted to make sure that since they have made a positive step forward that it got mentioned as well.

  • Ken Ken on Mar 08, 2013

    I just bought the stainless steel Para GI Expert 3 months back and haven't had any of the issues stated below. So far I've had 800 rounds through it and only had one FTF and that was with Brown Bear Ammo. I am a collector of 1911s and so far I've had more issues with my colts and Springfields than this gun. I bought this gun for a reasonably priced carry weapon, and I have to say I am really impressed! This is by far the best bang for your buck as far as 1911s go. I would even go as far as recommending this 1911 over much more expensive brands. I feel this is one of those guns that if it was your one and only, you would be very pleased.