Homemade grenade launcher

These photos are apparently of a Palestinian using some sort of homemade grenade launcher. It looks like it could be a 40mm grenade in the barrel, or maybe some type of 40mm less/non-lethal grenade like round, such as tear gas.



It appears to work by striking the firing pin (a drill bit) with a stone. I would not want to be within 200 yards of somebody firing that weapon.

Russian Soviet Vog-25 40Mm Rifle Grenade   Large Bore   Cannon   Inert At Gunbroker.Com-1
Russian VOG-25 40mm Grenade. Photo from gunbroker.

UPDATE: DrStrangegun noticed that the size of the launcher is very simular to Russian GP-30 launcher. The Grenade is propelled through the vents you see in the above photo. Much like a rocket.

800Px-Gp-30 Grenade Launcher
GP-30. From Wikipedia.

Hat Tip: MP.net

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  • SoloTwo

    On the plus side that is a bad ass shemagh wrap…

  • War Wolf

    And they wonder why the IDF shoots back! Israel needs to stay strong and stay committed to maintaining what they have and taking back what was given to them by God.

  • How does that short barrel give it enough spin to arm the grenade?

  • Sven Ortmann

    I wonder why he does it at all. His tube most certainly has no rifling, and I doubt that the grenade will detonate if it doesn’t hit head-on.

  • You have to hand it to them though, that ingenuity.

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  • anonymous

    “Israel needs to stay strong and stay committed to maintaining what they have and taking back what was given to them by God.”

    Really? God GAVE them land? Well then, why stop at firing Hellfire missiles into gaza apartment complexes… why not just wipe out all those evil Palestinians.

    To think that some stupid people think “they hate us because of our freedom.”

  • FWIW I think the Russian VOG-25 is one of their designs that keeps the propellant and essentially the chamber as part of the projectile, not unlike a Gyrojet.

    If so, then all you really need to launch one safely is a piece of pipe strong enough to withstand the initial blast of gas and something to hit the primer…. essentially what they’ve got there.

    Actually, it seems closer to a Volcanic than a GJ… Wikipedia writes up the GP-25 which is the native launcher, and describes operation.


    • DrStrangegun, you are right, it looks very similar to that launcher. I will update the blog post.

  • Sean Nack

    i don’t know about all that, but clearly if the palestinians keep coming up with contraptions like that israel won’t have to stay all that strong for all that long.

  • Matt Grossman

    Cacti are native to America. Unless they are planted in the Gaza strip as an ornamental plant, I say this is some guy in his backyard in Arizona.

  • Matt, they look like prickly pears to me and they are found all over the world, including the middle east.


  • Shawn

    Do they have that type of Cactus in Palastine?

    And a snapped wrist might be the least of his problems, but compared to a TNT filled vest, it is a huge step up in Intifada survivability 😛

  • Hey, Abdul! Hold my drink, which is most certainly not a beer, and watch this!

  • Karlos

    The GP25 / 30 when fired has enough recoil to throw the bolt back on any AK rifle, and if somebody who is unfarmiliar with the recoil fires it from the shoulder they usualy end up on their back, i can imagine that didnt stay in his hand for long…

  • Sergei

    For a terrorist, this guy has a pretty high quality camera. He is also wearing a nice, clean jacket.

  • emmanuel

    he’s gotta be mexican only way to explain ths pic 🙂 mexicans kick ass

  • rofl

    lol, i wonder where that drill bit is gonna go when he fires that little mistake. 😀