Homemade grenade launcher

    These photos are apparently of a Palestinian using some sort of homemade grenade launcher. It looks like it could be a 40mm grenade in the barrel, or maybe some type of 40mm less/non-lethal grenade like round, such as tear gas.



    It appears to work by striking the firing pin (a drill bit) with a stone. I would not want to be within 200 yards of somebody firing that weapon.

    Russian Soviet Vog-25 40Mm Rifle Grenade   Large Bore   Cannon   Inert At Gunbroker.Com-1
    Russian VOG-25 40mm Grenade. Photo from gunbroker.

    UPDATE: DrStrangegun noticed that the size of the launcher is very simular to Russian GP-30 launcher. The Grenade is propelled through the vents you see in the above photo. Much like a rocket.

    800Px-Gp-30 Grenade Launcher
    GP-30. From Wikipedia.

    Hat Tip: MP.net

    Steve Johnson

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