AR-15 “Assault” Crossbow upper: PSE TAC 15

Words fail me. First there was the blackpowder AR, then the Chainsaw AR

AR 15 lower receiver, 170lbs built in easy cocking mechanism 3 rails. 425 grain arrow 420 fps. TAC 15 Tactical Assault Crossbow

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I think this finally ends the 5.56mm vs. 6.8mm vs. 7.62mm debate. Clearly a 425 grain bolt beats them all!

Actually “tactical” crossbows have been around for a long time. Special forces were known to use them as weapons or as zip line launchers. I would be surprised if they are still in use as weapons.

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Indian Black Cat commando with crossbow.

Hat Tip: Shawn B for the info. Photos from erikbarnes25

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  • I’m going to buy this and replace the AR I traded for a Honda Goldwing. Looking at the 6.5 by Stag. I must have the Tac-15 with this, as my dad needs something like this to hunt with. I bought a new bow last year and would love to be out there with him hunting, this will give him that chance. It really looks like a lot of fun to shoot. I will shoot it in the muzzel season as well, I never liked black powder. This wiil put me in that season with something that will have my hunting camp talking all year. I can’n wait I’m grabbing my check book.

  • ishootwads

    This thing looks like sombody trashed a perfectly good shooting AR-15 and jerryrigged it in to a crossbow? I would rather be shooting bullets than bolts. (Know what i’m say’in) and I’m sure the thing is rather combersome and awkward with 10 lbs. of crossbow at the end of the rifle. Fun concept or show peice for the local gun shop but nothing to grab the checkbook over.

  • Hammerhead

    i would love to see that with the chainsaw bayonet…

  • 6677

    Man that is cool. Slightly flawed for where i live in the UK though as i can buy a crossbow with no license whereas if i wanted that id need a firearms license to buy the ar15 lower first

    • Luke

      Hey mate you could make your own with a normal crossbow and a broken sniper bb gun get the barrel, the stock and the bolt action off it and source all other from elsewhere all this is is a crossbow built on to a cool metal stick with cool crap to go with it, admittedly i would like one but its just cool crap and cool crap that you can DIY.

      • Luke

        Sorry i didnt read whole article i didnt realise it was a gun attachment lol

  • Wow, that looks like it can cause some serious damage. Big game better watch out.

  • this does look cool, but would be incredibly cumbersome in the wilderness