AR-15 “Assault” Crossbow upper: PSE TAC 15

    Words fail me. First there was the blackpowder AR, then the Chainsaw AR

    AR 15 lower receiver, 170lbs built in easy cocking mechanism 3 rails. 425 grain arrow 420 fps. TAC 15 Tactical Assault Crossbow

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    I think this finally ends the 5.56mm vs. 6.8mm vs. 7.62mm debate. Clearly a 425 grain bolt beats them all!

    Actually “tactical” crossbows have been around for a long time. Special forces were known to use them as weapons or as zip line launchers. I would be surprised if they are still in use as weapons.

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    Indian Black Cat commando with crossbow.

    Hat Tip: Shawn B for the info. Photos from erikbarnes25

    Steve Johnson

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