Black Powder AR-15

    CMMG have announced an .50 Black Powder AR-15 Upper!

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    To fire, the powder charge and bullet are loaded via a ramrod. Using a standard magazine with a single shot follower, an unloaded 5.56 case is loaded into the mag, inserted in magazine well and loaded just like a standard rifle.

    Once the rifle is fired, the empty brass is ejected manually and then reloaded.

    It is a modified .223 case that uses a 209 primer. Currently .50 cal. Should have pricing and other specs tomorrow.

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    Interesting! As one commenter said

    Can you imagine the face of an unsuspecting
    game warden the first time he runs across these..

    They have yet to announce pricing.

    Picture 18-5

    This isn’t a loaded case, it is a 209 primer in a piece of .223 brass. There is no way a live round or a blank will load into the “chamber”.


    A video of it in action. Actually, it looks pretty good.

    More at

    Hat Tip: Freedom Sight

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