Black Powder AR-15

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

CMMG have announced an .50 Black Powder AR-15 Upper!

To fire, the powder charge and bullet are loaded via a ramrod. Using a standard magazine with a single shot follower, an unloaded 5.56 case is loaded into the mag, inserted in magazine well and loaded just like a standard rifle.

Once the rifle is fired, the empty brass is ejected manually and then reloaded.

It is a modified .223 case that uses a 209 primer. Currently .50 cal. Should have pricing and other specs tomorrow.

Interesting! As one commenter said

Can you imagine the face of an unsuspecting
game warden the first time he runs across these..

They have yet to announce pricing.


This isn’t a loaded case, it is a 209 primer in a piece of .223 brass. There is no way a live round or a blank will load into the “chamber”.


A video of it in action. Actually, it looks pretty good.

More at

Hat Tip: Freedom Sight

Steve Johnson
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  • Ballistictoyz Ballistictoyz on Apr 23, 2012

    the de-evolution of the ar15,i'll just keep my muzzle loaders separate thank you

  • Sam Suggs Sam Suggs on Feb 15, 2013

    novelty at best proboly will be on one of those lets make fun of prepers bye going and finding the ones we can pay to say crazy shit