3rd world soldiers…

… and their use, or lack of use, of iron sights amazes me.

From MilitaryPhotos.com

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Palestinian police officers loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas violently dispersed a demonstration against the Annapolis peace conference, and medical workers said one protester was killed in Hebron, a West Bank city, according to The Associated Press. A Palestinian police officer pointed his weapon at protesters during clashes in Hebron.

In case you did not notice, the above ‘police’ officer is holding the rifle sidewards ‘gangster’ style. Why these soldiers/’police’ officers cannot be taught to aim their full auto AKs is beyond me. I know some people think iron sights are hard but I started shooting with them and to this day still do most of my shooting with iron sights. I think they are easier to use than scopes once you know what to do (obviously depending on the application).

Here are some of those classic Liberian rebel photos
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More of the above photos here.

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  • The Liberian ones are posed shots, at least from what I heard. Not sure whether it’s true though.

  • Wade Jensen

    Because these people did not actually have to pay for there ammunition, that’s why. If they had to pay for each shot taken, they would work to make each shot count.



  • Johannes

    Shooting AK’s sideways by looking down the side of the rifle and using the cocking handle as a rudimentary is actually tought by some instructors, though this technique is to be used when lying down and shifting the rifle up would make you more visible.

  • Junkball

    It’s because they want the flying brass to make it rain!!