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Moro Rebel Sniper Rifle

A reader noticed this interesting sniper rifle in a photo of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MNLF) fighters which appeared in his local newspaper. It is a quite a nifty looking rifle, if not a little bulky. Apparently they are fielding quite a few of them. I think they [Read More…]

Syrian Rebel DIY Pistol & Rifle

In the video embedded below, a Syrian rebel explains how to operate two DIY weapons. The pistol looks like it may once have been a flare gun. The rifle looks to be one of the most complex single shot guns I have ever seen, I think the optics were taken from binoculars. [Read More…]

3rd world soldiers…

… and their use, or lack of use, of iron sights amazes me. From MilitaryPhotos.com Palestinian police officers loyal to President Mahmoud Abbas violently dispersed a demonstration against the Annapolis peace conference, and medical workers said one protester was [Read More…]