Shotgun slug hunting

Slaton @ Gun Shots discusses long distance (100-200 yard) slug hunting:
12Gaugeslug Sm

I started deer hunting with a slug gun. Well, let me qualify that. It was actually an old side-by-side Stevens, and back in college, just before the deer opener my buddy and I would drive to an abandoned railroad culvert.

We drew a deer silhouette on a piece of large cardboard and stood back about 30 yards. For ammo, I used discount Foster slugs-I don’t even remember the brand. If we put a hole anywhere within the silhouette, the gun was pronounced “on.”

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  • earl goodfellow

    I’m looking for the best hard cast slug with maximum penetration for close quarter grizzly attacks under 25yds. I’m up in alberta and we cannot get slugs such as brenneke and dixie, so my choices are between win. partition gold, rem. buckhammer and fed. barnes expanders. Which do you think are the hardest cast for not expanding too quickly?


  • Ralph McLaney


    For shotgun slug ammunition loaded for maximum penetration, with hard cast, heat treated slugs, check out the Dixie Slugs 730 grain Terminator or 600 grain Tusker. These are available online at:


  • victor

    i’d say the 1oz. 3″ mag barnes expander would be by far the best penetrating of the main commercial loadings as long as you have a rifled barrel