Yildiz over-and-under 20 gauge shotgun review

The Shooting Times UK has a review of the Yildiz over-and-under 20 gauge (or 20 bore as they call it in the UK).

The Yildiz 20-bore is that sort of gun, combining some of the latest manufacturing techniques with other quite traditional virtues.

It has pleasing, conventional styling, with clean lines and, at slightly less than 6lb, it qualifies as a handy gun. In spite of the gun’s light weight, some forward bias due to the point of balance being just in front of the fore-end knuckle gives it a good firm feel during the mount and swing.

 Imagebank Y Yildiz Over-Under 20-Bore Grip

Read it here.

Steve Johnson

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  • Frank Pope

    I have had a Yildiz 12 gauge for a couple of years, using mostly for wobble trap. I have recently gotten into skeet and bought a 20 gauge. The 12 has been trouble free and shoots where you point it.