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SIG SAUER Custom Works Adds Equinox Elite Finish to Classic Line Pistols SIG SAUER introduces their new Pro-Cut Slide upgrade for the P229 handgun. Meet SIG Sauer's new Equinox series of two-tone pistols.

SIG Legion Series

SIG announced their Legion series just this past fall of 2015 and it soon became clear this wasn’t just about a gun or two but about a way of firearm life. The new series runs the gamut from guns to holsters to knives to lights and more. This year at SHOT during [Read More…]

Sig P226 & P229 Enhanced Elite

Sig have introduced the new Enhanced Elite line of P226 and P229 pistols. The “Enhanced Elite” models take the same features common to all Elite series pistols and combine them with the ergonomic one piece reduced reach grips used in our E2 pistols. Available in [Read More…]