Sig Sauer .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kit

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

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The .22LR Rimfire Conversion Kit is available for the SIG SAUER P220, P226, and P229 models and feature a black hard coat anodized slide, machined from solid aluminum billet. Offered as a complete replacement assembly, the Rimfire Conversion Kit installs as easily as field stripping the pistol. Simply remove the standard slide assembly, install the “new” .22 slide and barrel assembly, and add the included .22LR magazine and you’re ready for the range.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dave Dave on Jan 27, 2014

    I have not had the opportunity to use my kit. The mags will not seat properly. All three of my .22 mags drop out of position and will not even lock in place. The mags are the main issue with this kit. SOMEBODY PLEASE DESIGN a DECENT MAG for this kit!!! Mec-Gar or Black Dog here's your chance to lock in a faithful and happy client base. Other than the mags, the slide seems to be good quality. I've read that you need to oil it and run it wet to improve the reliability. Inspect for burrs before installing on your frame. Once a Quality mag comes out, I plan to buy several and plink for hours on end. I would have given another star or two but the mag issue rubbed me the wrong way. I expected better from Sig!

  • Dave Dave on Jan 27, 2014

    Edit to add: This is the P220 conversion kit. I found one guy's solution on Youtube... He cut a 10/32 washer in half and cut a slot in the mag to glue the washer half in place. I feel that we shouldn't have to go to that extreme for a Sig product! If we forked out the big bucks, then Sig should dish out the quality products that we are paying for! I've owned several P220s over the years and I have been a faithful customer but this cheap plastic mag which costs as much as a .45 metal mag has left a bad taste in my mouth! After several years I see that Sig is still using the same crappy plastic mags. Come on Sig! Get with it! Build some nice (fully functional) metal mags!!!