Gunspace: A Social Media App for Gun Owners

Recently Made live on the  Google Play Store as well as iTunes is the new social media app Gunspace. Now you might be wondering if there’s a need for such a thing, but I can tell you it’s pretty annoying to be on Facebook timeout for posting images of the buck you spent all morning trying to bag. Or being reported because you put up a video of a VW Microbus filled with Tannerite being turned into a crater by a single .22LR round (Dear sweet Lord don’t attempt this!). Gunspace promises to connect you with like-minded individuals who just want to show off their gats, shooting trophies and vids, or hunting results. The app itself is pretty straightforward and includes the ability to link your TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube accounts so you can easily share across platforms to reach a larger audience.

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