Luth-AR Announces Complete Uppers With 1-8 1/2 Fractional Twist Barrels

Daniel Y
by Daniel Y

Luth-AR has a range of new upper receivers featuring their Fractional Twist barrels. These new uppers have 20-inch barrels with a 1-8 1/2 twist rate. This specialized twist rate is stated to be ideal for a wide range of bullet weights.

AR-15 @ TFB:

Barrel twist rates should be matched to an appropriate bullet weight. Common options on the AR-15 are 1-7 (meaning the bullet makes one revolution in 7 inches of barrel length), 1-8, and 1-9. Faster twists work best with heavy bullets but may cause problems with lighter bullets. Luth-AR wanted to provide a solution that works well with everything from 55-grain to 77-grain projectiles, and the 1-8.5 twist rate was the answer.

Luth-AR has several complete upper options with the 1-8 1/2 Fractional Twist rate. All feature 20-inch 416 stainless steel barrels with bull or heavy contours. Both KeyMod and M-LOK handguards are available. Prices range from $504.95 to $519.95 depending on options. They are available now directly from Luth-AR.

From the manufacturer:

Following our introduction of the 1-8 1/2 Fractional Twist™ barrels, we are now thrilled to announce the availability of 1-8 1/2 Fractional Twist™ Complete Uppers, featuring either MLOK® or Keymod 15″ Palm Handguard®.

Embrace the Fractional Twist!

We are adding three new complete uppers to our line-up using our new 20″ 1-8 1/2 Fractional Twist™ Barrels:

  • 20″ Heavy Barrel Complete Upper Assembly
  • 20″ Fluted Threaded Bull Barrel Complete Upper Assembly
  • 20” Non-Fluted Threaded Bull Barrel Complete Upper Assembly

The new 1-8 1/2 Fractional Twist™ Complete upper receiver assemblies are the perfect choice for precision shooting with a wide variety of ammunition.

Each barrel profile adds strength for stability, reducing recoil and increasing accuracy. The barrels are made of high-quality stainless steel, providing durability and longevity. The 1-8 1/2 twist rate is suitable for stabilizing a wide variety of projectiles. This is an excellent option for shooters who want a barrel they can use with a range of bullet weights with precision shooting in mind.

All images from Luth-AR

Daniel Y
Daniel Y

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  • Paul L Paul L on Mar 30, 2024

    Keymod and lacking QD sling points? I'm sooooo tired of adding adapters to the muzzle end of hand guards for QD. Why don't manufacturers get it through their thick heads that sling points at the furthest ends of long guns are the most desirable locations?

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    • Paul L Paul L on Apr 03, 2024

      @James Wilson Yes, put in a steel sleeve into the aluminum rail to avoid the adapter problem and provide durability.

  • BeoBear BeoBear on Apr 05, 2024

    All the tests I've seen between 1:7,1:8 and 1:9 show very little difference which leads me to believe that the extra .5 is going to make little to no difference at all. It screams gimmick and makes me even more dubious of Bear Creek Arsenal.