XS Sights: New Options For Rossi Lever-Actions

Zac K
by Zac K
XS Sights has new solutions for the Rossi R95 (top) and R92 rifles (bottom). [XS Sights]

As manufacturers crank out lever-action rifles to the North American shooting market (see Hop’s thoughts on that here), eager buyers are discovering something: Old-school buckhorns aren’t exactly the easiest iron sights to master. Good news: XS Sights is here to help, and they’ve now turned their sights… errrr, they’ve just released updates for the Rossi R92 and R95 lever rifles.

Rossi Lever Action Rifles @ TFB:

Rossi R95 xs sights updates

The R95 is Rossi’s most recent centerfire lever-gun release, chambered in .30-30. Obviously, it draws inspiration from classic American deer rifles—mostly from the Marlin 336—but it’s an updated design. Like the old New Haven-built rifle, the Brazil-built R95 has a flat-top receiver; it’s drilled and tapped, and that makes it very easy to install a scope rail.

The XS Sights package for the R95 rifle includes a rail and front and rear sights. [XS Sights]
XS Sights is offering an extended Picatinny-style rail (they call it a scout rail) that runs from the rear of the R95 receiver to about halfway down the barrel. This means the shooter can mount a scope in the standard rearward position, or opt for a long eye relief scope, or red dot.

It also means the shooter can mount the included rear aperture sight at the back of the rail, and replace the R95’s front sight with XS’s White Stripe front sight. Both these iron sights are included in Rossi’s bundled set for the R95, and the shooter can choose from either a 0.191-inch or 0.230-inch aperture for brighter or lower light conditions. The asking price is a $192.99 MSRP in the U.S. market; more details here.

Rossi R92 XS Sights Updates

The R92 is a pretty faithful copy of the Winchester Model 1892, and that means it’s hard to mount a scope unless it’s forward of the action. That’s what XS Sights offers here—a scout-style mount for the R92 that allows the shooter to bolt up a red dot or similar optic.

The R92 scout mount allows shooters to mount a red dot easily on their lever gun. [Rossi]
This rail (like the R95 rail) does not require a professional gunsmith’s help for installation and is a very quick and practical way to improve your groups with these classic lever rifles once you’ve added an optic. The MSRP is $76.99—see more details here.
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  • El Duderino El Duderino on Mar 20, 2024

    Very cool! I've been on the fence with the R92s for a long time, but I finally found one in .454 that I might have to get.

    • Clampdown Clampdown on Mar 26, 2024

      @El Duderino I'd like a .357 lever-action. A loading-gate Henry would be my preference, but a Rossi is more realistic. I also put Tech Sights on my guns (just a 10/22 and SKS at the moment), so this rail would be perfect. I tend to shoot better with the aperture/front post than I do with a scope. I don't have enough experience with red dots and holos to have an opinion there.