Louisiana About To Legalize Permitless Concealed Carry

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Unless there’s a major turn of events, it appears the state of Louisiana is about to legalize permitless concealed carry. The news comes as a majority of the state’s representatives voted to pass Senate Bill 1 on February 28. The Secretary of the Senate has passed the bill on to Governor Jeff Landry.

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Some might see this as a problem right away, as the state’s leaders had come close to legalizing permitless concealed carry in 2021, but their bill was vetoed by then-governor John Bel Edwards.

But in the past, Governor Landry has indicated his willingness to support constitutional carry, and ABC News reports that at the start of February’s special session, he told the state representatives “Now, you have a governor who will sign it.”

Louisiana's new law, allowing permitless concealed carry, will go into effect on July 4 if the governor approves the bill. [Ruger]
ABC News also reports that some law enforcement departments and the Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police were unhappy with the bill’s passing. However, the bill passed its last vote by a 75-28 majority, so there is certainly plenty of desire to see this legislation enacted.

You can read the text for Senate Bill 1 here. Louisiana currently issues permits for concealed carry, but under the new law, anyone aged 18 or older who is not banned from having firearms due to a criminal record can carry concealed without background checks or paperwork. However, Louisiana citizens who wish to concealed carry in other jurisdictions that require a permit will still be able to get a permit in their own state for the purpose of interstate reciprocity—more details here.

If passed, the law would make Louisiana the 28th state with permitless concealed carry. That means it’s been a very busy decade-and-a-half for gun rights organizations, considering only two states allowed permitless concealed carry before 2010. Arizona joined Alaska and Vermont that year, and since then, two dozen other states have followed.

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  • Kevin Craig Kevin Craig on Mar 06, 2024

    "If passed..."? It's already been signed by the governor and will take effect July 4, 2024.

    Keep up with the news, much?

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    Under/over, it's all so confusing.

    What are the shorts guidelines?