New Low-Cost 2011 Pistols from Tisas/Military Armament

James Reeves
by James Reeves

James Reeves is at the SDS Imports tent at SHOT Show 2024 Industry Day at the Range to talk about new MAC and Tisas 2011s being imported by SDS. These pistols are inexpensive but appear to be well-featured. Check the video and let us know in the comments if these have your interest.

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James Reeves
James Reeves

Owner, Neutral Ground Gun Co. NRA/Louisiana State Police certified concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present Maxim Magazine's MAXIMum Warrior, 2011 TFBTV Executive Producer Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition Lawyer Instagram: gunshorts Twitter: @jjreeves

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  • BeoBear BeoBear on Feb 05, 2024

    Weird, where's all the Tisas are awesome guns with great reliability and a fantastic price?

    They must all be in the YooToob comments.

    What's the he most common phrase repeated by new Tisas buyers? Hi, is this Tisas customer service?

  • Ozzallos . Ozzallos . on Feb 06, 2024

    Nothing makes you people happy. More 2011 pressure on the boutique price market? Yes please. And tisas 1911s are generally (recall aside) well regarded.