[SHOT 2024] Zeta6 SafeSnap Dry Fire Training Discs and K-PAK Ambi Speed Strips

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[SHOT 2024] Zeta6 SafeSnap Dry Fire Training Discs and K-PAK Ambi Speed Strips

Zeta6, a company known for its innovative speed loaders and speed strips for revolvers, expanded its product line with the introduction of the SafeSnap Dry Fire Training Discs. Designed for revolver enthusiasts who engage in dry fire practice, the new SafeSnap discs are engineered to preserve the lifespan of the firearm by preventing firing pin damage during dry fire sessions.

The SafeSnap Dry Fire Training Discs showcase Zeta6’s commitment to addressing the needs of revolver owners seeking to improve their proficiency without compromising the integrity of their weapons. The discs are equipped with spring tension embedded at the primer positions, which alleviates the impact on the firing pin with each trigger pull.

Product specs for the SafeSnap Dry Fire Training Discs include compatibility with several types of revolvers:

– Made for 5-shot J frames, 6-shot K frames, and 5-shot Ruger LC revolvers.
– Spring tension is built into faux primers to cushion the firing pin.
– The discs are available for purchase on Zeta6’s website, alongside other platforms such as Amazon and eBay.

In addition to the new training discs, Zeta6 also revisited a product introduced two years prior—the K-PAK Speed Strips. These speed strips were designed to target efficiency and ease of use during reloading. The latest version of the K-PAK Speed Strips has been further refined to enhance the reloading process, particularly focusing on how shooters can use the strips with either left or right hands in a fluid motion.

Michael from Zeta6 explained the innovation behind the revamped K-PAK Speed Strips, noting feedback from users on the original design: “We were being told that at times it felt unnatural to load all six shots. You’d have to move your hand in such a way that it wasn’t as simple as rock and rock. Now we have the K-PAK. These enable us to plug three rounds in, rock forward, plug the other three in, rock back. It’s a much more natural fluid movement.”

The updated specs for the K-PAK Speed Strips are designed to serve K-frame and D-frame revolvers, specifically:

– Made for K-frame and D-frame revolvers.
– Designed to sit near flat in a pocket for discreet carry.
– Constructed from BPA, BPS, BPF free polyurethane material, addressing health and environmental concerns.

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  • IKocher Outdoors IKocher Outdoors on Jan 31, 2024

    I would really like to see one for the .22 LR K frames. I need to work on my trigger pulls. I just use empty cases at the moment.

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    • Patrick the Canadian Patrick the Canadian on Feb 02, 2024

      @iKocher Outdoors Just use yellow drywall screw plugs, they fit perfectly