[SHOT 2024] Hiperfire Expands Into Triggers For Bolt-Action Rifles

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff
[SHOT 2024] Hiperfire Expands Into Triggers For Bolt-Action Rifles

Hiperfire, known for its dedication to innovation in firearms, is expanding its product line. At SHOT 2024, the company has announced its entrance into the bolt-action rifle trigger market with a new offering that caters to the Remington 700-pattern rifles. This new addition to their product lineup is aptly named the Rem700 trigger.

The Rem700 trigger boasts some features that are sure to appeal to enthusiasts of Remington 700-pattern rifles. The trigger is a single-stage design with adjustable overtravel. It allows the shooter to customize the pull weight of the trigger, allowing for a more tailored shooting experience. The adjustable trigger pull can range from a light six ounces to a heavier 24 ounces, providing versatility and control for different shooting situations.

Furthermore, customers will have an option between flat and curved trigger shoes, catering to different preferences and expanding the adaptability of the product. This attention to personalization aligns with Hiperfire’s approach to producing customized, enhancement-driven products.

The Rem700 trigger is expected to retail for $250, extending Hiperfire’s commitment to offering high-quality gun accessories at competitive prices. For those eager to upgrade their Remington 700-pattern rifles, the wait will not be long. The Rem700 triggers will be available for purchase starting sometime in March.

Hiperfire’s entry into the bolt-action rifle trigger industry reflects its dedication to continual development and expansion to meet the evolving needs of the firearm community. As always, the firm strikes a balance between enhancing functionality and ensuring affordability. With the introduction of the Rem700 trigger, Hiperfire has once again set a benchmark for continued excellence and customer satisfaction.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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