[SHOT 2024] Air Force Arms Introduce LeMay Bullpup Conversion

TFB Staff
by TFB Staff

At SHOT Show 2024, Air Force Arms has unveiled its innovative LeMay Bullpup Conversion for AR-15 and AR-10 rifles. The LeMay, named after the celebrated USAF General Curtis LeMay, is an intricately designed chassis capable of converting conventional AR-15 or AR-10 into a bullpup.


The ambitious project was glimpsed in its current stage of development at the firm’s booth, where 3D-printed prototypes of the LeMay met with considerable interest. The market release of this new product, according to Air Force Arms, is planned for May 2024.

The LeMay can be installed on both Mil-Spec and non-Mil-Spec lower receivers, coupled with standard M-LOK, KeyMod, and quadrail handguards. This flexibility makes it an alluringly adaptable accessory for firearm lovers, with an additional bonus being its compatibility with all buffered and bufferless upper receivers. Moreover, it can work with rear, side, and forward charging systems, highlighting its universal applicability.

What sets the LeMay further apart is its built-in carrier for an extra spare magazine, a feature that will significantly boost shooting efficiency and convenience. A specially designed trigger transfer bar that mimics the original trigger of the rifle completes this innovative conversion kit.


At present, the conversion units are being developed through 3D printing, and the company plans to continue using additive manufacturing for subsequent production. According to Air Force Arms, opting for this modern production technique negates the considerable expenses associated with injection molding. Moreover, it offers the advantage of readily implementing changes to the design.


The pricing for the LeMay Bullpup Conversion will soon be announced following a careful assessment of the total production costs involved.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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  • Brettbaker Brettbaker on Jan 29, 2024

    General LeMay was well known as a left-handed shooter; so maybe they should rename the kit?

  • Blah Blah on Jan 29, 2024

    And like Old Iron Pants, this is batshit insane and full of poor decisions.