[SHOT 2024] New Single Shot Big Badger, Wildlands 92 Takedown From Chiappa

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by TFB Staff
Chiappa Big Badger Single Shot

At SHOT Show 2024, Chiappa Firearms displayed their latest offerings including the new single shot Big Badger, which was released in late 2023, and the updated Wildlands 92 Takedown, an angle-eject version of the 1892 lever-action rifle chambered in .44 Magnum.

The Big Badger single shot continues Chiappa’s tradition in survival rifles. It features a skeleton stock and a break-action design similar to the original Little Badger. However, it steps up by being chambered for centerfire cartridges, offering shooters a selection with .350 Legend and .30-30, in addition to a .410 bore option. This model aims to provide an affordable choice for those searching for a centerfire single shot rifle, which has become increasingly sparse in the market. According to a representative from Chiappa, the company wanted to explore this niche after deeming it an interesting opportunity.

Product specs:

Chiappa Big Badger Single Shot:
– Barrel Length: 20 inches
– Weight: 5.5 pounds
– Features: Adjustable comb, M-LOK forend
– .410 Bore Version: Threaded for Mobil choke
– MSRP: Approximately $350 for .350 Legend and .30-30, and about $200 for the .410 version

Chiappa’s angle-eject 1892 lever-action rifle stands out with modern features such as M-LOK slots on the forearm, a paracord-wrapped lever, and a skeletonized buttstock. The inclusion of QD sling swivels and a Picatinny rail atop the receiver adds to the convenience for those looking to attach slings and optics. For suppressor aficionados, the rifle comes with a 5/8×24 threaded barrel, positioning it as a modernized yet classic firearm.

Product specs:

Chiappa Wildlands 92 Takedown:
– Caliber: .44 Magnum
– Features: M-LOK slots on the forearm, paracord-wrapped lever, skeletonized buttstock, QD sling swivels, Picatinny rails, 5/8×24 threaded barrel
– MSRP: Approximately $1800

As SHOT Show 2024 comes to a close, attendees have had the chance to examine these firearms up close, with both the Big Badger and Wildlands 92 Takedown from Chiappa capturing attention for their distinctive features and alignment with current firearms trends.

TFB Staff
TFB Staff

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  • Cakeflourz Cakeflourz on Jan 27, 2024

    When they say ".410 bore", is it purely 410 or can it do 45LC/410? From the wording I assume it's just a 410 shotgun, but given that the other models are in 350 Legend and 30-30, 45LC/410 seems entirely plausible.

    • MrLM002 MrLM002 on Jan 27, 2024

      @Cakeflourz Pretty certain it's just a .410 shotgun, just like the 9MM Flobert Little Badgers

  • MrLM002 MrLM002 on Jan 27, 2024

    I'm glad they got rid of the fake picatinny rail on the grip of the little badger for the new Big Badger.